September has arrived!

Welcome to September!  I hear people say that summer is over after Labor Day.  I say that it's still summer because I want to enjoy every last day of warm weather and blue skies.  Plus, now that it's officially September, it's time to link up with Anne from Anne in Residence for:


I made this most adorable sign for my classroom:

I fell in love with this safari friends themed poster at Lakeshore Learning.  Of course, there are matching products, but I limited myself to this poster ~ it took a lot of self-control...


I love these style challenges, and I'm going to try to participate this month since it's back to school and back to reality.  These challenges encourage me to take risks with how I wear my clothes.


I don't think I'll ever see enough rainbows!  The other night we had unsettled weather when the sun just magically popped out so briefly, and an amazing double rainbow appeared.  I stood outside in the rain and gazed at it until it disappeared.


Once a month I receive a Hello Fresh box.  Every box contains a different type of taco meal.  I LOVE tacos now!  I never really ate them before, but I'm happy to eat and make this versatile dish!

I LOVE these chicken fiesta tacos!


I save too much of everything!  I just spent so much time purging my teaching materials and papers.  I don't want to save so much!  What about you?  Do you save things, forget about them, find them a year later, and wonder why you saved them in the first place?  It's a bad habit that I need to break.  In addition, it would be helpful if I file my papers after I use them.  
As we all enter the Back to School season: 

this September and into the fall!  Thank you for visiting the blog today!


Fantastic Friday Favorites!

Alas, summer Fridays are coming and going faster every week.  That's why I'm happy to link up with
Erika Narci and Andrea for:
Colorful York Beach 

Last week I went on a day trip to visit a friend in York Beach, Maine.  We went to Short Sands Beach and enjoyed a lovely day.  Check out the beautiful beach umbrellas:

The Battle of the Pool Water

I have an above ground pool that I use every day to do my water aerobics.  Well, the pool turned green, and it was taking forever to clear.  When I could finally see the bottom of the pool, I learned there was yellow algae which is quite difficult to eliminate.  Consequently, I have to get my water tested every day and modify the chemicals,...Amazingly, the yellow algae eater came through, and my pool is almost back to normal!

Club Getaway

A few weeks ago, my family and I spent the (hottest and most humid) weekend (of the entire summer) at Club Getaway in scenic Kent, Connecticut.  We went on an adults only weekend, but they have other themed options as well. 
According to their web site:
Flick the switch and find what you’ve been missing from a weekend getaway. When you come to our adult summer camp, it’s like an escape for your inner child. Leave the city behind and arrive to a place where the only schedule you follow is one where adventure is planned after breakfast, and evening parties are definitely on the agenda.

My favorite parts were taking a drumming exercise class; kayaking; zip lining and spending time in the lake to cool off.  In addition, the food was delicious and plentiful ~ similar to a cruise while camping (at least, what I imagine a cruise to be!).

Sand Castles

At Revere Beach (the first public beach in America), there is an annual sand sculpture competition.  We went on Saturday while the sculptors were putting on their finishing touches:

Have you ever seen such amazing sand sculptures or gone on a "glamping" vacation like this?  I would LOVE to hear about it!  Please leave a comment!

Thank you for visiting the blog!  Please visit again soon!


Awesome August ~ Please Slow Down!

Hello there!  Summer flies by faster than any other time of the year!  I'm excited to link up with Anne from Anne in Residence today for her monthly link-up:


I ordered this pretty dress (it's now on sale, too!) that I LOVE at TJ, and I'm wearing it to the rehearsal dinner for my son's wedding.

In addition,  I found another dress (also at TJ but is no longer available) that I'll be wearing to the wedding:

J. Renee Womens Davet Pewter 8.5 M (B)Rather than my favorite slippers, I'll be wearing these sandals purchased on Amazon to the wedding:


 I've been watching Bonus Family on Netflix.

This fun three-season show is a modern day "Brady Bunch" that takes place in Sweden.  There are subtitles so I might even be learning a word or two in Swedish.  Plus, it's the perfect combination of comedy and drama!  Have you heard of this show or checked it out?

I'm always looking for recommendations ~ if you have any!


I got a Hello Fresh Box this week and made these amazing Chicken and Pineapple quesadillas:


We have an above ground swimming pool in the backyard, and I LOVE going in my pool.  This year my pool just recovered from being green only to find out that there is yellow algae.  Consequently, I have been brushing and vacuuming the pool while getting the water tested daily at the hardware store.  I'm wondering when I'll get clear pool water!


Now that is actually August, summer is flying by even faster, and before I know it, I'll be back at school.  Consequently, I am savoring every day of my precious summer vacation!

Thank you for visiting the blog and checking in!  I hope you're enjoying every last day of summer!


Currently ~ Just July & the Summer Is Heating Up!

Happy July everyone!  Welcome to another edition of Currently ~ hosted by Anne of Anne in Residence!


I just finished this great book:  The Tatooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris:

My husband and I both read and enjoyed this book.  The main character, Lale, finds love.  While tattooing numbers on Gita in a concentration camp, he falls in love instantly and never loses hope that they will have a life together.  This books is based on the author's real life interviews with Lale.  Although the book contains details of the concentration camp horrors, in the end, it is a story of love, hope and survival.

Right now, I'm reading Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid:

The setting of this story is during the 1970's in Los Angeles.  The plot centers on a fictional band:  The Six who is later joined by Daisy Jones.  The story is told in snippets by different characters.  I thought the book was based on a real band because it seems so realistic.  If you like music and/or the 1970's, this book is worth checking out!


Summer vacation = total enjoyment!  I spend my mornings going spinning followed by cleaning and doing organizational projects.  In the afternoon, I go in my pool and do water aerobics.  Then I read and watch Big, Little, Lies or Tales from a City while eating an Italian ice.    I LOVE the pace of summer life!


I am finding that TJ Maxx and Marshall's are excellent at selling merchandise.  I picked up 24 pumpkin spice coffee pods while waiting to check out last weekend.  Of course, they're only good until the end of August, but no one has to twist my arm to drink pumpkin spice coffee either!


I am still saving Box Tops for my school.  I never win the classroom contest, but I save them all!


I accidentally forgot to cancel Hello Fresh so we're enjoying meals from them for two weeks in a row.  

I love the Bulgoggi sauce.  I can only find it online, but I bet I could get some at H-Mart.

I'm off to vacuum my pool so it's all clean for tomorrow!  Happy 4th of July!


Responsive Classroom and On Site Learning = New and Improved Teaching!

Today I'm delighted to link up with Hot Lunch Tray for Part 2
of the Summer Blog Challenge!

Responsive Classroom

Several years ago I took a Responsive Classroom class that greatly improved and changed my classroom routines in these ways:

1.  Morning Messages.  There are two Morning Messages for students every morning.  The first is on the "big screen" which details our schedule for the day:

The other Morning Message contains academic review or a poem to be read during Morning Meeting:

Click on the book cover to read more at Amazon!

You can read more about my Responsive Classroom learning experience here.

Leventhal Map Center

One class I took at the Leventhal Map Center (located in the  Boston Public Library) was
Mapping Boston's Role in the American Revolution.

During this class, we visited several Boston historical landmarks such as the Old North Church.  We even got to go "behind the scenes!"  We climbed to the first level of the bell tower where Paul Revere worked as a child and visited the crypt beneath the church.  Behind the church, there is a printing press and a chocolate shop.

Seeing history up close and personal definitely has helped me to become a better and more knowledgeable Social Studies teacher!  Plus, even though I live 20 minutes north of Boston, I never visit touristy places ~ which is really unfortunate for me!  

Do you visit tourist place where you live? I hope you're having an adventurous summer!


Super Summer Solstice & Vacation!

Happy Summer Solstice!  Although it may be officially summer, we're still waiting for "real" summer here in Massachusetts where it is cool and rainy.  The trees, the flowers and the grass all look amazing.  My pool looks amazing as well, but it's too cool to go in the pool!  Alas, I'm not complaining ~ this weather gives me the opportunity to do cleaning and organizing inside as well as to link up with Anna Nuttall's New Bloggers Link-Up and with
 Erika Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites!

Flag Day

A long, long time ago, I can still remember when Flag Day was celebrated with a parade!  I still like to review a little of our flag's history with my Morning Message:

Field Day Fun ~ New Activity

I love this new dress-up activity for Field Day.  The boys and girls loved getting dressed up in these cool outfits; running down the field and back; changing out of the costume and dressing the new person up:

Father's Day Popcorn Fun

My students went to town with this fun "Pop" corn craft for Father's Day:

You can find the directions and templates for this fun craft here.

 Right now I'm on the Acela Express train to New York City to visit my daughter.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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