Turning Your In-Person Morning Message Into An Independent Work Google Form

Hello there!  Today I would like to share a way that I make sure all my students see and read my daily Morning Message.

Background:  This year (so far) has been hybrid.  One group Monday and Tuesday; one group Thursday and Friday; and all online on Wednesday.

Years ago, I took a Responsive Classroom class and started a Morning Meeting routine which includes a Morning Message.  I always made my messages educational so that the kids could review what we have been learning.  

Hybrid learning put a wrench in my routine because only half the class could read the message.  That's when I decided to turn my Morning Message into part of the kids' daily independent work that they do on the computer every afternoon.

Step 1:  Create Morning Message.

I create the Morning Message in Google Slides using:

Here is the Morning Message for Monday:

Step 2:  Create Google Form.

To create the picture of my Morning Message, I follow these steps:

1.   File.
2.  Download
3.  PNG image

Then I head over to Google Forms and create a new Blank Quiz.

Add image (which I downloaded as a PNG).  Here is another example.

Step 3:  Add Questions to Google Form.

I always add 5 questions:  4 that review material in the Morning Message and one short answer for the Fact of the Day.

Step 4:  Assign to Google Classroom!

Step 5:  Go back and change the size to show on the "Big Screen" in class!

If you would like to try out my George Washington Morning Message in a Google Form, it is free on TPT!


Currently It's Fabulous February!

Hello there!  It's February, and it is freezing as winter has returned!  Today I am delighted to link up with Anne In Residence for her month link-up:

I love using Canva to create graphics!


I am so happy with all the extra daylight we have now!  It really makes me feel hopeful and happy to have the extra sun late in the afternoon.


Last month I read a very interesting and eye-opening book:

This story tells about a Syrian couple who immigrates to England from Syria.  It is quite a story and makes you realize how terrifying the world can be.

I recently finished a Book the Month title:

The main character, Emmy, is a very successful Instamum who becomes the target of a follower's mother.  Click on the book to read more at Amazon.  I enjoyed this book.  Amazon gave it a 4 out of 5, and I would agree with this overall score.

Right now, I am reading this book which is part of Reese Witherspoon's Book Club:


Follow the Author

This book also involves a very strong female lead character who will make sure right decisions are made. Her African American babysitter is accused of "stealing" her child while in an upscale supermarket.  I am just beginning this book, but it seems appropriate for these fragile times.


Last February I remember how life was so normal.  We went to Tarrytown, New York for a long weekend.  We learned that important history had happened there.  If you watched Turn, Washington Spies (it is on Netflix now if you missed it!), you know about Major John Andre.  He was captured and hanged in Tarrytown.  


I have 5 Girl Scouts in my class this year.  I bought 2 boxes of cookies from each of them to share with family and friends.  I was a Girl Scout back in the day so I am happy to support a worthy cause.  There is a new cookie in town, and my sons gave it rave reviews:

If you have a chance to buy some Girl Scout cookies, make sure to try these out!

Wish Listing

A lot of my cloth masks are too tight and make my ear lobes hurt.  I googled this problem yesterday, and this product was recommended:

I have put these mask extenders in my cart but have not pressed the order button.  If any of you have figured out a solution to the too-tight mask causing my ear lobes to bend, please let me know!  Also, if you have tried out this product, and it's a keeper, I would love to hear that as well.

As always, thank you for popping in to visit the blog!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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