Turning Your In-Person Morning Message Into An Independent Work Google Form

Hello there!  Today I would like to share a way that I make sure all my students see and read my daily Morning Message.

Background:  This year (so far) has been hybrid.  One group Monday and Tuesday; one group Thursday and Friday; and all online on Wednesday.

Years ago, I took a Responsive Classroom class and started a Morning Meeting routine which includes a Morning Message.  I always made my messages educational so that the kids could review what we have been learning.  

Hybrid learning put a wrench in my routine because only half the class could read the message.  That's when I decided to turn my Morning Message into part of the kids' daily independent work that they do on the computer every afternoon.

Step 1:  Create Morning Message.

I create the Morning Message in Google Slides using:

Here is the Morning Message for Monday:

Step 2:  Create Google Form.

To create the picture of my Morning Message, I follow these steps:

1.   File.
2.  Download
3.  PNG image

Then I head over to Google Forms and create a new Blank Quiz.

Add image (which I downloaded as a PNG).  Here is another example.

Step 3:  Add Questions to Google Form.

I always add 5 questions:  4 that review material in the Morning Message and one short answer for the Fact of the Day.

Step 4:  Assign to Google Classroom!

Step 5:  Go back and change the size to show on the "Big Screen" in class!

If you would like to try out my George Washington Morning Message in a Google Form, it is free on TPT!

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