Professional Development For Next Year

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Next Year and Professional Development

     I wish that there was training in how to avoid Back to School Anxiety.  I get so worried about being prepared for Back to School.  I know that once I am back at school, and the students arrive, I will be fine and happy.  Knowing that the summer is dwindling and that life will be new and different once school starts, causes self-doubt and nail-biting.  If anyone has the solution to this situation, please let me know.

     In real life, I could use professional development in the following areas:

*Fountas and Pinnell Reading Program:  We are starting this exciting new program, and I need to learn how to use all the new materials.

*Fundations:  This new phonics program is brand new for 3rd grade next year.

*Lucy Calkins Writing Program:  Last year was our first full year.  I have made many slide decks, but I would love to learn how to deal with students who do not want to write.

     Well, those are my top areas of "Needs Improvement."  What makes Professional Development memorable and helpful for you?  I would love to hear your thoughts!


Currently August is upon us!

Hello there!  Can you believe that August is upon us?  Time sure flies when you're having summer!  It is time to link up with Anne in Residence for:


We went to Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island last week, and I really admired the beauty of the place:  the ocean, the bluffs, the scenery in general...The Abrams Animal Farm was right across the way from our hotel, and I went there every day to check out the alpacas which were my favorites!

The owners of the farm shave the alpacas and make yarn.  You can even buy socks and others items made from the yarn!


As soon as August arrives, I start thinking about Back to School and what I have to do to prepare.  There is uncertainty because of the the new variant, but I am really hoping to have the rug back in my classroom.  I have heard that students need to sit 3 feet apart so I'm not sure if they'll be able to sit on the rug yet, but I remain hopeful!
A flashback to a visit from a therapy dog on our classroom rug!


I am enjoying the sunny and mostly dry weather.  In Massachusetts, we had one of the rainiest and coolest July's on record, but it seems like the weather is improving, finally!  Now that it's August, the weather seems to be settling into temperatures in the 80's, low humidity and less rain (hopefully, now that we are not having a drought anymore)!


Of course, I spent some money at the Nordstrom sale.  I bought two winter coats (although I'll only keep one at the most).  My at least 10 year old red Lands End winter coat is no longer waterproof so I need to replace it.

Did you buy anything at the Nordstrom sale?


Last but not least, I am saving book recommendations.  Anne recommended the book, The Soulmate Equation, and now that book is on reserve for me at my library.

I just finished this book and really enjoyed it:  The Henna Artist which is a Reese Witherspoon Book Club Selection.  This book takes place in India and centers around a woman who is trying to make an independent life and living as a henna artist.

If you have any book suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments!

I hope you are enjoying the summer and staying healthy!  Thank you for checking in today!

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