Fabulous Friday Happenings & a Freebie!

Happy Weekend everyone!  Thank you for popping in for some up-to-the-minute news!

Lovely Landforms!

We've been focusing on landforms.  Besides learning the basic landforms, we learn about weathering which is the process of breaking rocks.  Of course, living in Massachusetts in the winter, many potholes emerge so I'm always telling the kids to be on the lookout for potholes:

example of weathering

Who knew potholes could be so educational and useful?  In addition, looking out for potholes while driving is a life skill ~ after all, kids start learning to drive years before they sit behind the wheel of a car!  Think of all the money they could save on replacing the tires on their future cars.

Here's an anchor chart I made:

anchor chart

In addition, we made these fun landform books:


Click here or on the picture to check out this free activity on TPT!

What Students Learn in Social Studies in Kindergarden

I've been participating in an Atlas project for curriculum development for Social Studies.  I wrote about my experience in my Morning Message the next day:

meaning of the Pledeg of Allegiance

During the professional development, I was noting all this information my third graders were supposed to know.  The next day, we started with the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance.  At last, I got one student to say it was an oath.  My question - "What's an oath?"  Student - "It's a promise."  That was the beginning and end of what the student knew.  Consequently, we went through the Pledge and discussed how it meant we would be loyal to our country and its flag.

I'd love for you to ask your students to see what their answers are ~ especially if they're a bit older.  Next week, I'll be reviewing the Pledge of Allegiance question again!

Colorful and Fun Tights

I found these colorful tights at Absolute Socks:


They have so many fun colors ~ also there's a flat shipping rate of $5.00 so I made sure to order several pairs!

Fun Fractions

I pinned and recreated this anchor chart (of course, I forgot to take a picture of my own creation):


Right now, we're in the early days, but the kids can write and draw a fraction.  Next week, we'll be moving forward with comparing fractions with like denominators!

Story Structure Post on Collaborative Blog

Our standards-based report card requires us to assess out students in these two areas:
*Demonstrate an understanding of story structure.
*Determine and summarize important ideas and details of a text.

Click here to get your freebie and click here to read the rest of the post!

That's all for now!  Please let me know if you ask your own students about the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance!


Fabulous Friday Favorites!!!

Happy Weekend everyone!  I'm here to link up with Erika of A Little Bit of Everything, Andrea of Momfessionals and Narci of Grace and Love for:


Rhonna Design ~ Making the Cutest Family Pictures

I'm rather obsessed these days with my Rhonna Design App.  Check out what I made for my colleague Ms. Linstrom:

I had been seeing all these family portraits on Instagram, and then I read this tutorial on Teacher to the Core's blog.  The rest is history ~ I'm hooked!

Keep Your Desk Clean!

Every day I write a Morning Message for my students.  First, I check on Checkiday to see what holidays are happening.  One of last week's holidays was:

Of course, my students complained that they would have to clean their desks!  For me, it's motivated me to wipe down my teacher desk, computer desk and round table more often.  Yikes ~ there are so many germs everywhere!

Nate and Nat = Cozy Flannel Sheets

I LOVE browsing and shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshall's.  Amazingly, I found these winter-themed Nate and Nat sheets that I loved!  The following week, I picked these up at another Marshall's for my daughter:


If you are lucky enough to find Nate and Nat sheets, try them out - they're super soft and cozy ~ perfect for the cold winter that we're having!

Hoot!  Read about owls!

We're currently working on expository writing, and we started with owls.  First, we did directed drawing of owls.  Then we read all about owls and wrote paragraphs.  Check out Stellina's finished product:
expository writing

Happy Martin Luther King Day!  Thank you so much for visiting today!


Linking Up and Answering Questions With The Blended Blog!

Happy Non-Snow Day!  Today I have the pleasure of linking up with The Blended Blog for:


1.  Resolutions

Of course, I do make resolutions all the time, and I try my best, but after a week or two, it's back to my normal bad habits.  Keeping my desk at work neat and organized is a struggle for me.  I keep one-third up to snuff ~ just in case a substitute comes in.  My plan book and papers are all set.  To the left of the neat side lays a pile of "to do" papers and other assorted "stuff."


2. Snow

I love snow if there is three inches or less.  This way I can drive safely and easily, and clean-up is very manageable.

3.  New Place to Visit

I'd love to go to the Redwood Forest and visit California.  I've always wanted to see a sequoia tree.  On all the TV shows, the weather is sunny and warm, and everything/everyone is beautiful in California.  I've never been there so I'd like to see for myself.

sequoia trees

4.  Hair Color!  I love the way my hair feels after it's colored!

Plus, I have to look good for my nephew, Sparty!

5.  What I'm Doing For Myself

In April, my husband and I are going to Delray Beach, Florida.  I LOVE the warm Florida sun, and I get to visit my aunt (my mother's sister) who has Alzheimers. I had such a fun visit with her last year; we talk the whole time, even though nothing makes sense.  It doesn't even matter because my aunt is so happy and animated!

6 - 7.  Favorite and Least Favorite About January

As January progresses, the days get longer, and we get more daylight = my favorite!

In January, Arctic air often makes its way to Massachusetts = least favorit

8.  Holiday Decorations

I decorate with snowmen so I can leave my decorations up until the first day of spring!

9.  Diet in January?

No, because I'm constantly trying to eat better so I'm always watching my diet, but I never lose weight - I'm just trying to maintain my current weight by spinning at least 3 times a week.


10.  Part of Home Needing Organization

This would be my kitchen cabinets.  During last week's two snow days, I started emptying and organizing a few cabinets.  There are still A LOT MORE to organize!

11.  Winter Comfort Food

I LOVE mashed potatoes, and I only make them in the winter!

comfort food

12.  Guilty Pleasure

Working on my blog is so much fun for me!  I love reading other blogs, too!  I learn so much every day from reading what others' experiences.

Well, that's what I'm thinking about these days.  Make sure to link-up with The Blended Blog and share your own thoughts!

Thank you for visiting today!


Currently ~ January ~ Happy New Year!

Hello!  I'm so happy you're visiting for another installment of Anne in Residence's monthly link-up:



I just learned that this nor'easter has a name ~ Grayson!  The snow is just starting now, and we're expecting about a foot in the Boston area.  Today is a snow day, and tomorrow it's going to be brutally cold and windy so we'll probably be home again.


I'm hoping to get some much-needed organizing and cleaning done today.  My goal is to clean out the pots and pans cabinet.  Of course, I'd rather be blogging or watching TV so we'll see ...


I'm hoping to schedule a trip to Florida during April school vacation to see my aunt who has Alzheimer's.  My husband and I went last April, and I had such a nice visit with her:


Now that we're having this huge blizzard, I wonder if the air fares will increase? 


My local library posted a list of the librarians' favorite books, and this book was on the list so I'm currently reading and enjoying it:

I've only just begun, but so far a customer has committed suicide in the book store.  Click here
or on the book cover to read more at Amazon.


We had so much fun playing Pictionary the other night!  

Do you love playing Pictionary, too?  Please let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for checking in today!  

If you're having snow, good luck shoveling out!


Wow, it's 2018!  The first day of a new beginning is worth celebrating with some good books, and that's why I'm linking up with Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers for:


Great Non-Fiction with a Great Message!

This book is a simply amazing must-read for everyone!  I love the message that we must never stand still in our pursuit of freedom!  Who knew about the Statue of Liberty's right foot?  I want to revisit the Statue and see her foot!

Click on book cover to read more at Amazon.
You can read more about this book in a blog post I wrote  here.

Fun with Figurative Language!

Just from the title alone, you know you're in for a fun-filled, laugh-out-loud adventure with sheep Baabwaa and Wooliam who meet a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing!  If you love reading,  puns and creative use of language, this book is for you!


This Is How We Do More Educational Non-Fiction!

Ever since I was young, I've been fascinated about how other people around the world live.  This book tells you how with fun facts, colorful illustrations and interesting details:


My good friend, Patty, gave me a gift card to a brand new, independent book store Whitelam Books in Reading, Massachusetts, and this is the great book I chose!

My forever resolution includes reading more non-fiction read-alouds to my students.  Do you have any reading resolutions?  Please let me know in the comments ~ I'd love to hear them!

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