Currently Just June ~ End of the School Year & Summer!

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My daughter is getting married on Sunday, June 12th in Haydenville, Massachusetts at
Valley View Farm


I adopted a Woburn High School senior who was a former student.  I needed to spend $50 dollars, and here is what I bought:

and a tool set:

In addition, I got him a Hydraflask at TJMaxx.  

I got these ideas from a web site about what to get 2022 high seniors for graduation.  You can check it out here!


I am taking life in my classroom one day at a time.  Currently, the kids are arguing and treating each other like siblings.  They are in school until June 24th so every day is an adventure!  

Consequently, I saw a rule on Instagram which I just found on Amazon (of course!).  

I put up this rule about three weeks ago, and the kids and I discuss these ideas frequently.  The results are mixed, but I will continue to work on everyone getting along.


Every day I try to get my Morning Message to correlate to what we are learning in class.  Amazingly, we just started learning about fossils in time for:


Although we have had some spring and summer days here in Massachusetts, the weather has been cool.  As much as I want to wear sandals, I have mostly been wearing slip-on sneakers with socks.  I really do not like having cold feet.  Plus, my classroom has strong air conditioning!  These are my current go-to shoes!

Thank you for checking in today!  


Fintastic Friday Favorites: Giving Sharks and Students a Voice and More!

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Morning Messages

I do love presenting my Morning Message every day.  My students and I read them out loud at a part of our morning exercises.  Of course, I always try to include (sneak in) educational information!

I am a huge fan of poet Doug Florian and his wry poems.  I changed the last line to read "third graders."  

Opinion Writing

Check out this student sample called "The Stupid Lunchroom" from 2019:

I love the message in this writing!  In addition, I have this student's sister in my class this year.  She is very embarrassed every time I read it.  I bet every school needs a cleaner cafeteria as well!

Of course, my students are very opinionated until they have to write their opinions!

Adapting Every Day

In Science, we are learning about plant and animal adaptations. 

I remind my students that they need to adapt every day depending on what's happening in their environment.  Soon they will be in 4th grade, and that is a huge change!

Still Searching for the Perfect Sandals...

I have tried looking for cornflower blue sandals with little luck, and now I'm looking for gold sandals to go with this dress for my daughter's wedding on June 12th:

Check out the current contenders which are currently on their way.  Part of the problem is my wide foot.  I went up a half size with these sandals and am hoping this helps with the width issue.  I would prefer the top pair because I know that I will wear them again, but I'm thinking the second pair will be more appropriate with my dress (assuming the sandals even fit).  Click on the pictures to check them out on the Nordstrom Rack site.  

As always, I appreciate you visiting my blog!  I hope you're having beautiful weather like we are finally having here in Massachusetts:  sunny and in the 80's!  They even turned the air conditioning on at school!


Currently ~ Magnificent May & Friday Favorites!

Happy May Everyone!  Welcome to another exciting month!  It's time to link up with Anne in Residence for her monthly link-up and with Erika from A Little Bit of Everything and Andrea from Momfessionals for Friday Favorites!


This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  Our PTO did a travel theme, and every day, we had special treats from Italian food for lunch to nachos for Cinco de Mayo.  It was an amazing week for delicious treats!


Spring brings on hope for warmer weather and longer days.  In Massachusetts, it doesn't really warm up until June, but if the sun is shining, it feels warmer.  More importantly, as long as it doesn't rain, the kids can go out for recess, and they need to have time to run around and play!


Scaredy Squirrel has a new book:

This new book is a chapter book!  There are 4 chapters.  I have read the first chapter to my students; Scaredy Squirrel receives a crate of unknown origin.  You can guess that Scaredy goes into panic mode!  Click here or on the book cover to check out more at Amazon!


Every week, I check out Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx for new arrivals.  I'm still on the lookout for a new dress and sandals.


My new goal includes finding a dress to wear to my daughter's rehearsal dinner and a pair of sandals to wear to the wedding.  I can definitely wear the sandals I wore to my younger son's wedding and a dress I wore already.  I just can't pass up an opportunity to find a new dress and sandals though!  I have these dresses on order from Nordstrom Rack:

Here's to hoping that spring is in the air where you live!  Thank you for visiting the blog today!  Make sure to check out other great blog posts for:


New Orleans = Friday Favorites!

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Yep, I just spent from Monday until today in New Orleans.  This is the first time I have ever visited this city and the first time I have ever seen the Mississippi River!  It's also the first time I ate grits (I had to add jelly to sweeten them up; the waitress advised adding more butter and sugar; that just seemed too unhealthy so I went with the jelly).  Check out some highlights!

Cemetery Tour

New Orleans is under sea level and has a very high water table.  This combination means that burying loved ones poses multiple problems, and they have adapted by making very fancy and ornate cemeteries.  To prevent coffins and bodies from popping out of the ground, New Orleans has above ground tombs.  There are regular cemeteries like St. Patrick's #1

Then, there is this cemetery for the extremely wealthy who want to leave a landmark in their wake: Metairie Cemetery: 

This is Anne Rice's "eternal home."  In addition to this, there are so many more ornate and special structures to check out.  According to our tour guide, you need mucho dinero to be buried here (especially if you want to make a statement).    Either way, this is an amazing and a once in a lifetime experience!

Hurricane Katrina Memorial

Our tour guide told us that he thinks about Hurricane Katrina every day.  During this catastrophic storm, many residents lost their lives and were never identified.  They are all buried in the six crypts at this memorial.

Bayou Time!

One day my husband and I headed to the bayou for an air boat adventure ride to see some alligators!  I learned that:
    *To know how long an alligator is, measure from between its eyes to between its nostrils.  One inch  = one foot.  Consequently, this alligator is about 10 feet long!

While on the cemetery tour, a caterpillar landed on my collar bone.  While brushing the creature off, it fell in my shirt where it did substantial damage.  I did eventually remove the invader, but he panicked and stung me A LOT!  I ended up in Urgent Care where I received a cortisone shot; a prescription ointment; and a prescription tablet to prevent itching.  My advice:  NEVER pick up a caterpillar!

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Friday Favorites For a Good Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!  Today is the first day of my vacation!  Today I'm also linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and   Erika from A Little Bit of Everything for:

A New Favorite Author!

Last week I got a new book at my library:  Home by Britta Teckentrup.  I was interested in the book because it was a peek-through book which I find so creative.  When I read it, my students were enraptured with the illustrations and loved the book.  I was so delighted that I went and ordered all the books from my library.  You can see them for yourself and read more at Amazon.

Britta is an author/illustrator from Germany.  She even has an "All Natural" series of books which are eco-friendly.  I got those from the library, too, and they are super adorable!

IXL Engaging Feature:  Live Jam!

Does your school have IXL?  This year students must do 15 minutes of Math on IXL.  First, they step into the arena for their "Diagnostic" work; once that is complete, they can do "Recommended Skill" work for Math.

One day I was looking at some new Recommended Skill work, when I came across the opportunity to do a "Group Jam:"

Of course, the principal just happened to meander into the room when I discovered this, but since I love trying new and exciting technology, I told the kids were doing an IXL experiment.  As soon as the teacher starts a "Jam," the students receive a message on their Chromebooks asking them to join.  The kids' favorite part is that they all receive an icon that can be see on the "Big Screen."  

Once every student answers, there is a review page that explains the answer.  Bottom line:  the kids are excited and engaged; and that's enough to make me want to keep doing Group Jams!

Morning Messages!

Every morning I have a Morning Message for the kids.  Last week included two big "holidays:"


Consequently, we are now reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8.  In addition, we talked at length about the Declaration of Independence!

As always, thank you for visiting today!  Wishing you a peaceful Ramadan, Passover or Easter!  

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Currently ~ Amazing April & Spring is on the way!

Happy Amazing April!  Today I am so happy to link up with Anne in Residence for:


Right now I am getting ready for my daughter's wedding in June.  I am wearing this dress, and I need sandals to
go with it:

(Today I discovered this dress on the Nordstrom Rack site for a fraction of what I paid last summer, and I waited until it was on sale!)

Anyway, I did find these pretty blue sandals:

I have them in my cart so we will see how they look in real life.


During April vacation, my husband and I are heading to New Orleans.  So far, our plans include a jazz concert and an airboat ride in the bayou.  If you have any travel tips for New Orleans, please let me know in the comments!  We are both looking forward to our first trip and both got our 2nd boosters last night!


Today my plans include going to the library to get some new children's books to read to my class.  We just got the rug back in my classroom, and the kids are so excited to come over to the rug!  I have been reading e-books on the "big screen" in class so that everyone could see the book as well as social distance.  It makes me so happy to have some normalcy in school.

Last week I read this fun book:

The narrator actually mail orders a sloth which proceeds to sleep the day away.  The "smartest" girl in class criticizes the sloth.  My students had a lot to say about this "perfect" girl.


Well, I am posting right now, and I promise myself that I will post every weekend, but I just can't seem to reach my goal.


I love being able to crack my windows and let some fresh air into the house.  You can tell the sun is stronger.  Spring is such a hopeful time of the year.

As always, thank you for popping in for a visit!  


World Down Syndrome Day = Lots of Socks Day!

Hello there!  Today I am linking up with Momfessionals and A Little Bit of Everything for Friday Favorites!  In addition, I'm just popping in quickly with a last minute reminder that tomorrow:  March 21st, is World Down Syndrome Day as well as Lots of Socks Day!

I have even prepared my Morning Message for tomorrow!

If you need a free activity to celebrate Lots of Socks and World Down Syndrome Day, look no further!

Lots of Socks Day & World Down Syndrome Day ~ March 21st!

New Whiteboard!

In other exciting news, I got a new whiteboard for my classroom.  It's not an interactive whiteboard, per se, but you can write directly on it!  It's also magnetic!

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