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Currently November!

Happy November!  It is amazing how fast the fall has gone by.  Now that I have had conferences on a Thursday followed by Halloween on Friday, I feel more adjusted and relaxed.  Now I can join Anne in Residence's monthly link-up and write in my blog (hopefully!):


In my classroom, the kids need to sit 6 feet apart for social distancing, especially while eating snack.  During snack, I love to read to the kids so I have been borrowing e-books on Overdrive.

This way I can show the book on the big screen (whiteboard), and everyone can see the pictures!  With everyone spread out physically, I had to find a way to read books to the kids which is one of my most favorite activities!


As you know, I do love TJ Maxx and Marshall's.  My friend and I go to one of these stores every weekend, and I can always find something to buy (kind of like Target).  This weekend I purchased a cozy pair of Kooba memory foam slippers to wear now that the clocks have been turned back. 

At school, I am planning a unit on Massachusetts Native Americans.  This is my favorite unit of the year.  I have great admiration of how the Native Americans lived and respected nature.  We also make the best diorama for Thanksgiving:

Click here to get the pattern for the wetu (wigwam) and here for the mishoon (canoe) or here for another canoe template.

The students in this picture are in 6th grade now, but I have been doing this project for a long time, and it is a keeper!


This year I spend a great deal of time prepping for our new Reading program:  Fountas and Pinnell; and for our new Phonic program:  Fundations.    Check out an example of how to mark up a word:


I just finished this book:

I enjoyed the story as it contains lots of references to Greek mythology.  However, it is not an easy or relaxing book because there is so much to remember about all the different characters and time periods.  You can click on the book cover to read more at Amazon.

Yesterday I started:  L.A. Weather which is a Reese's Book Club book.  So far, I'm still happy to live in Massachusetts even if it is always sunny and warm in Los Angeles.

As always, thank you for visiting the blog and checking in.  Please let me know if you have any questions about anything in this post.

Currently ~ Superb September!

     Hello there!  It's already another month which means that it is time to link up with Anne in Residence for:


Well, it is that time again:  Back To School.  I have been preparing my classroom.  The desks need to be 3 feet apart, and we will all wear masks.  I am happy that the kids get to come to school.  It is so important to have that interaction.


My summer vacation is ending.  I'm always amazed at how fast the summer flies by.  Labor Day weekend is the time to close the pool.


I really love deep cleaning and organizing my house and now my classroom.  It makes such a difference to be in a neat place where everything belongs in a certain place.  Of course, I need to figure out how to maintain the clean and neat house and classroom.  If you have discovered the secret, please let me know!


I picked out my first day of school outfit!  I still need to have a brand new and special outfit for the first day of school.  I got the skirt at the Nordstrom sale over the summer!


I really wanted to post to my blog every week.  I did try.  Link-up parties really motivate me to write and share my news.  I'm writing a blog post about how I clean and organize my classroom.  I am holding off on posting because I want to include how to maintain a sense of order.  When I am teaching, I tend to throw everything on my desk ~ which is not a good habit, but I want to be present to teach and help my students.  

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation.  My classroom is in pretty good shape so I'm hoping to enjoy this Labor Day Weekend!

Professional Development For Next Year

Hello there!  Thanks for popping in for another edition of Hot Lunch Tray's Blog Challenge!

Next Year and Professional Development

     I wish that there was training in how to avoid Back to School Anxiety.  I get so worried about being prepared for Back to School.  I know that once I am back at school, and the students arrive, I will be fine and happy.  Knowing that the summer is dwindling and that life will be new and different once school starts, causes self-doubt and nail-biting.  If anyone has the solution to this situation, please let me know.

     In real life, I could use professional development in the following areas:

*Fountas and Pinnell Reading Program:  We are starting this exciting new program, and I need to learn how to use all the new materials.

*Fundations:  This new phonics program is brand new for 3rd grade next year.

*Lucy Calkins Writing Program:  Last year was our first full year.  I have made many slide decks, but I would love to learn how to deal with students who do not want to write.

     Well, those are my top areas of "Needs Improvement."  What makes Professional Development memorable and helpful for you?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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