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We are back to school!

Hello there!  It has been a whirlwind with school this year!  We have a hybrid model so there has been a lot of preparation.  The good news is that there are students in the classroom!
Miracle Flower
Last week I found this most adorable plant growing from a crack in my outdoor stairs.  Seeing this little flower gave me a healthy does of happiness and optimism.

My Classroom
 We are doing a hybrid model at school.  One group comes Monday and Tuesday; the other group comes Thursday and Friday.  We are all online on Wednesday.  The kids were over the moon to be back in school!
We still managed to do our traditional activities:  tangrams; math card games; the Probably Book; and Play-Doh:

 The Probably Book is a class book, and I save them all.  Each student has his/her own page that starts:  "I am probably the only one in 3rd grade who...."  It is so much fun to see what each student writes and look back on their pages later in the year.
The Peloton Bike
My family and I are loving the Peloton.  It came on September 4th.  I just did my 10th ride today.  The best part is that it is on sale ~ if you are interested!

 Make sure to use my code: 7tvnaq to save $100.  You do need to buy the spin shoes to use the bike, and this savings comes in handy!
Hornet's Nest
 This hornet's nest in my backyard is thriving.  It even survived a microburst even hanging from a "thread" of a branch.  It just keeps getting bigger and more fascinating!!

 Today I'm linking up for Friday Favorites!  Make sure to check out more blogs over there!

Thank you for checking in today!  I'm hoping to write more news in my blog as soon as I have some sort of routine!



Currently August As Summer Chugs Along!

Happy August!  Today I'm delighted to link up with Anne in Residence for her monthly link-up:
I am trying to NOT think about how school is going to start.  On Friday, August 14th, all schools in Massachusetts must make their back to school plans official.  Then I can start to make my plans based on the real deal.  

I am drinking a LOT of Polar seltzer.  It's been very hot ~ which I guess is the trend across most of the country as far as having above average summer temperatures.  I especially love the limited edition summer flavors.

I just LOVE going in my pool and doing my water aerobics!  When I'm done, I sit in the shade and read a book.  Right now I'm reading "A Woman Is No Man."    This debut novel by author Etaf Rum centers on the lives of Palestinian women who live in Brooklyn, NY.  If you enjoy reading about other cultures, you will enjoy this book!

I just ordered a Mexican lasagna from a chef who started her own business:

Who We Are

Doodle's Dinners was founded by the chef and her partner. Lindsey is professionally trained, and has been in the industry for years. Cooking is her passion. "Bringing happiness to people through my cooking is what I live for."

Doodle's Dinners started on a whim after tossing the idea out to family and friends, and then eventually the public and getting some serious positive feedback and interest. We are so excited for the future of this.  

What We Offer:  The idea behind Doodle's Dinners is to make life easier for everyone else. We offer fully prepared, restaurant quality, ready to reheat meals, and we'll deliver them right to your door.  Heating instructions are included and dinner will be ready in minutes. 



 I'm remembering how much I love the sky in the summer.  It's so blue and beautiful.  The clouds seems whiter and brighter.  I need to remember how precious and short the summer is so that I can enjoy every minute.  Now that it is August, I need to relish every minute of summer!

I hope you are well and enjoying your summer!  Thank you for visiting the blog today! 


Changes Are Coming and Evolving!

The Prompt:

How is your school/district operating differently this year?

Hybrid Model Right Now

The latest news includes a Hybrid Model:

    Cohort A:  Monday, Tuesday

    Cohort B:  Thursday, Friday

    Whole Class:  Wednesday online

We will all wear masks; eat lunch in our classroom; practice social distancing.  In school, our teaching will focus on Reading, Language and Math.  Content specialists will take over teaching Science and Social Studies online.
All Distance Learning

Our union just released survey results for teachers.  More than 60 percent of teachers did not feel comfortable going back.  Many teachers would choose to not return at all if the hybrid model was the district's choice.  In addition, there are so many unanswered questions.
After reading the union survey results and the Boston Globe's headline about more and more districts choosing remote learning, I feel that the writing is on the wall:  we will probably be doing distance learning.   I really wanted to try the hybrid model for a few weeks in order to make connections with my students.  I'm starting to accept the possibility of distance learning for the upcoming school year.  
What about you?  Do you know how you will be
going back to school?  I would love to hear what you think!
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