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Currently: November Arrives!

Now that it's November, it is time to link up with Anne in Residence for her monthly link-up:


I am really appreciating being able to see my students in person.  It makes such a difference to interact with the kids and make connections.  During conferences last week, one parent told me that her daughter loves when I give her a pat on the back because she knows she is doing good work.   


A week ago Friday, it snowed 5 inches; this Friday, it was 70 degrees.  It is easy to prepare for warm weather, but I need to be warm when it's really cold out.  I bought this fleece jackets with that in mind:


I am perfecting reading online books while recording myself on Screencastify.  I love reading to my students, but we have so much to do while we are in person.  Consequently, I have been reading chapter books out loud, recording myself, and posting one chapter for the kids to listen to during their independent work.  

My first read aloud was The Pumpkin Elf Mystery (part of the Ready Freddy series) by Abby Klein.    Many of my students really bought into the possibility of a Pumpkin Elf who plays tricks and brings treats.

Now I'm reading a book by one of my favorite authors:  Judy Blume.  Going, Going, Gone with the Pain and the Great One is a fun book of realistic fiction:


I often feel like all I am doing is planning for school.  Instruction needs to be concise and precise.  The kids become tired quickly due to sitting at their desks and wearing a mask...  I spend a lot of time fine tuning what I teach so that I can cover the content while getting the kids to learn.  In addition, I need to provide independent work to be done every afternoon.  Here is an example of that:


Tights!  I love wearing tights with my skirts to school.  I love wearing all the clothes in my closet that have not been worn for so long.  I really love getting dressed up and going to work.  Of course, I also enjoy wearing my sweatpants and sweatshirts at home, but wearing my "work" clothes prepares me to do my job.

Well, thank you for visiting the blog today.  I hope you are doing well!  

Happy Veterans Day!  

Writing Challenge: A 100 Word Story!

Happy Halloween Everyone!  We are back in school using a hybrid model, and it takes A LOT of time to plan and create ~ which I love; it just leaves little time for anything else.

We are currently using the Lucy Calkins' writing program.  The kids write every single day, and for some of them, this is quite a challenge.  To set a good example, I try to do these writing challenges sponsored by Susanna Leonard Hill.  I did some over the summer, and these challenges give me incentive to write creatively and for fun.

Check out my entry:

The final word count is 94 words (the title doesn't count).  My inspiration was a "Be Kind" mask that one of my students gifted me at the start of school.  I wear this mask every Friday, and at time, my students and I match ~ just like Skeleton and Creep!

In other exciting news, I turned 60.  Now I can officially go food shopping during "senior hours."

As always, thank you for visiting this old blog.  I appreciate your visit!

We are back to school!

Hello there!  It has been a whirlwind with school this year!  We have a hybrid model so there has been a lot of preparation.  The good news is that there are students in the classroom!
Miracle Flower
Last week I found this most adorable plant growing from a crack in my outdoor stairs.  Seeing this little flower gave me a healthy does of happiness and optimism.

My Classroom
 We are doing a hybrid model at school.  One group comes Monday and Tuesday; the other group comes Thursday and Friday.  We are all online on Wednesday.  The kids were over the moon to be back in school!
We still managed to do our traditional activities:  tangrams; math card games; the Probably Book; and Play-Doh:

 The Probably Book is a class book, and I save them all.  Each student has his/her own page that starts:  "I am probably the only one in 3rd grade who...."  It is so much fun to see what each student writes and look back on their pages later in the year.
The Peloton Bike
My family and I are loving the Peloton.  It came on September 4th.  I just did my 10th ride today.  The best part is that it is on sale ~ if you are interested!

 Make sure to use my code: 7tvnaq to save $100.  You do need to buy the spin shoes to use the bike, and this savings comes in handy!
Hornet's Nest
 This hornet's nest in my backyard is thriving.  It even survived a microburst even hanging from a "thread" of a branch.  It just keeps getting bigger and more fascinating!!

 Today I'm linking up for Friday Favorites!  Make sure to check out more blogs over there!

Thank you for checking in today!  I'm hoping to write more news in my blog as soon as I have some sort of routine!



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