Thankful for a Busy November and Delightful Beginning of December!

Hello!  I hope you had a healthy and peaceful Thanksgiving and beginning of December!  Today I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything for their weekly Friday Favorites link-up!

New York City Visit Highlights

My sister and I went to New York City the weekend before Thanksgiving (not advisable due to large number of travelers).  We wanted to take a Peloton class together.  Due to technical difficulties, I thought I was on the waitlist for the Saturday class with Jenn Sherman.  My sister got in.  Upon arrival, I learned I was never on the waitlist, and the class was full.  My sister very gallantly gave me her spot because she knew going to a live class was a dream of mine.  

One thing I learned:  it is roasting hot in the studio.  There are lights and no fan.  I do want to go back, and I'll definitely wear shorts!  Check out the pictures of the view from my bike and of us with Jenn Sherman:

It's very exciting to take a live class in the studio.  Of course, I had to pay for the train from Boston, the class fee ($35) and a night in a hotel.  It was definitely an exciting adventure!

By the way, if you are a fellow Peloton rider, please follow me:  Mrs. Watermelon is my screen name!

Macy's Christmas Windows

The train I took went to Penn Station, and everything we went to was within walking distance, including these beautiful Christmas displays at Macy's:


If you are an educator, you can get free access to all of Canva's graphics for your personal use and your students' use.  Read here for more information about Canva for Education!  Every month I created desktop wallpaper (see above example) and other colorful designs.

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