Friday Favorites: Springtime Edition!

Happy days are here again!  Today I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Erica from A Little Bit of Everything for:

Solar Eclipse Excitement

In Massachusetts, the eclipse peaked at 3:30 pm.  We get out of school at 2:50 pm so we had some time outside before going home.  As you can see, the kids LOVED watching:

My daughter is having a baby!

In July, my daughter is having a baby girl:  the first grandchild!  Here is Bethany with my new dog, Truffles:

A Perfect Message from Power of Positivity!

Every day I check out Instagram, and this message really resonated with me:

Reconnecting with a Childhood Friend

A friend and I went to Rockport, Massachusetts last week to check out Halibut Point State Park.  This location was prominently featured in the movie, CODA.  On the way home, I saw the street where my childhood friend, Kathy, lived.  The door was opened so I rang the bell, and amazingly, she still lives there:

That's Kathy on the left!

Last, but not least...

Here is a picture of my husband from December when we went to Puerto Rico:

During February vacation week on Thursday, we went to the gastroenterologist because my husband had acid reflux and was getting sick pretty much every time he ate.  I insisted on accompanying him so he would not downplay his symptoms.  Luckily, he got an endoscopy the following Tuesday because he has esophageal cancer, stage 3.  Everything went quickly after that, and he is undergoing intense chemotherapy and hoping to have surgery in May.

My mother always said, "Your life turns on a dime."  That is for sure!  Our lives have been turned upside down, but my husband is amazingly being a real trooper through it all.  We have learned a lot, including that the ribbon color of esophageal cancer is periwinkle, which explains the font color of this post!

Much health and happiness to you all!  Happy spring!


Sharing Our Lives 2024: A New Link-Up!

Hello!  I'm always excited to try something new!  This time, I am linking up with Toronto Sam and other for:

This month's question:  How did your meet your husband?

In the fall of 1978, I started my freshman year at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.  I was homesick, academically underprepared and overwhelmed.  In November, the next door neighbor (who was an RA) in the dorm was hosting a wine and cheese party, and she invited me because I was so lonely.  

When I got to the party, I recognized one person, Dale.  He worked at the field house.  My friend, Debbie, and I often played tennis on Saturday nights.  Dale was forced to stay there because we were the only ones playing tennis until 9:00 pm.  We were probably the only ones at the field house!  At the party, Dale was there with his friend, Matt.  For me, it was love at first sight!  Matt invited me to a semi-formal in December, and we have been together ever since.  In March, we will be married for 40 years!

Here is a picture from my birthday last October:

l to r:  Kaylee, daughter-in-law; Gregory, son-in-law; Derek, son; Bethany, daughter (today is her 35th birthday); Nancy, my younger and taller sister; my husband, Matt; Angelika, daughter-in-law; Andrew, son; Teddy and Zofia, Andrew's in-laws.

That's me in front with our newly adopted dog, Truffles.

The other big family news is that my daughter is having a baby girl in July!


Friday Favorites: Favorite Books; Favorite Ornament; Puerto Rico & More!

Happy New Year!  I wish you much health and happiness in 2024!  I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything for:

Books to Check Out:

Right now I am reading:

Click on cover to read more at Amazon!

This book details the lives of people who are experiencing change.  The books takes place in England and Scotland.  If you are looking for a comforting and easy book to read, this book is perfect for you!

In school, I am reading The One and Only Ruby by Christina Applegate to my class:

Click here or on the cover to read more at Amazon!

This is a heart-warming book that your students will love!  It is the 3rd book in a series, but I am starting with this book so I don't think it is necessary to read all the books to enjoy this delightful story.  Also, while I am reading the book, I record myself and post it to my You Tube channel if you'd like to listen there!

Favorite Ornament/Keepsake

My friend Carole gave me the perfect holiday gift:

It's from Ornament Shop.Com.  I was just checking out the site, and there are personalized items for every event.

Trip to Puerto Rico

My husband and I finally made it to Puerto Rico for Christmas vacation.  It is a vibrant place with plenty to do.  

The top two pictures are from Old San Juan which is full of history and old buildings and streets.  I definitely loved this part of the city the best (there is even a Marshall's!).  The third pictures is an office building decorated for Christmas.  Christmas is a long season in Puerto Rico:  People start decorating after Thanksgiving, and the holiday doesn't end until Three King's Day on January 6th.  In addition to Old San Juan, we went to the El Yunque rain forest and took a trip into the countryside.

Overall, it was an amazing adventure with great weather.  The downside:  I got my first case of Covid which I thought was a bad cold.  Consequently, I needed to stay home an additional three days from school.  I went back Friday so it's back to reality.

Happy New Year!  Thank you for visiting the blog today!

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