Currently ~ It's Marvelously May!

Happy May!  I'm excited to link up with Anne from Anne in Residence fame for:


My student, Blessings, drew this picture of me, and the resemblance is pretty close.  Of course, I do appreciate the long, thick eyelashes Blessings gave me!


Yesterday I was browsing around in T.J. Maxx when a pink box caught my eye.  I pulled it out from underneath a display, and it turned out to be a Corn Hole game with a donut theme!

For $40, I got a one of a kind game!  If you go online at T.J. Maxx, you can get a similar version with an American flag theme right here!  We were outside in the cool, damp weather playing


I LOVE borrowing books from my local library which just had a masquerade-themed fundraiser.  The library is open at night, and they have raffles and silent auctions.  Here's my friend, Paula, during the event talking to a magician:

Of course, I forgot to prepare and didn't have a mask, but most people came dressed to the nines and wore very fancy masks. 


I remember to check the weather every day lately ~ just in the event that the sun might peek out.  Here in Massachusetts, it's been a very cold and rainy spring with very little sun.  This past April broke a record for having the most rainy days since 1872!

 Plus, I'm trying to not wear tights which is challenging due to the low temperatures as well as my white legs which don't stand a chance to get a tan with so little sun!


I just finished a really fun book, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman:

 Eleanor is completely honest and sees everything in black and white terms until circumstances, beyond her control, force her out of her comfort zone.  She is forced to assimilate into "normal" society and experience "normal" social situations which cause her to blurt out her own viewpoints ~ which are so true and funny!  If you're looking for a great book, check out this one!

Well, thank you so much for checking in today!  Please let me know what another good book would be!  Happy Spring ~ hopefully where you live!

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