Five For The Final Friday In April!

It's the final Friday in April already which means that it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs for:
My older son, Derek, is a grad. student getting a degree in Public Administration.  On Tuesday night, he presented his capstone project at Suffolk University in Boston:

 He was one of six students who presented a project, and he did an amazing job!
 We started learning about mammals and birds.  The kids were quite fascinated and full of questions of how a mother's body makes milk to feed her babies. 

 Speaking of bears, we read the most adorable and interesting book last week:
This award-winning and beautifully illustrated book by Lindsay Mattick tells the story of Winnipeg the Bear - who was a girl and eventually became the real Winnie.  Click here to read more on Amazon.

We had another fun visit from Change Is Simple who played a life-size review game with the kids:

Of course, things got too competitive and loud so we needed an emergency class meeting after this, but hopefully, the kids learned something.
We finished another round of centers:

The kids enjoyed the variety of activities which included onomatopeia task cards; Earth Day work work; find the correct flower based on the clues; a multiplication game; and The Emperor's Egg in the Listening Center.  We do each center for two days - even the Listening Center!  It makes life so much easier!

Have a wonderful spring weekend!


Show and Tell Time!

Today I'm linking up with Stephanie from Forever in Fifth Grade for:

My brother got a Bernese Mountain  puppy named Sparty.  Sparty already weighs 35 pounds, and he's only 3 months old:

Luckily, Gabi the Dog, is not the jealous type! 

I love these style lists on Instagram.  I look at the list and plan my outfit for the next day.

I like doing this because it makes me think of different outfits to put together.  Plus, it's fun!  Here's my "Taxing Turquoise" outfit:

In the background, you can see our first graders' Penguin Projects!

Lastly, I want to share some of my recent Morning Messages:

Lately, I've been using so much poetry in my Morning Messages - so much fun to read together!

Happy Hump Day!


Easy to Make Baked Beans

Today I'm linking up with Tonya's Treats for Teachers & others for:

Cheater Baked Beans!

This recipe is from Key Ingredient:

I made this recipe to bring to a graduation party, and it got gobbled up!  I need to make recipes that are easy, and this fits the bill.  Plus, who doesn't like baked beans?  This recipe is made in the crock pot so it's easy to transport, too.



First Friday of Vacation Five of Friday!

I'm so delighted to be on vacation and link up with Doodle Bugs for:

Every year we are so lucky to participate in the Bonnie Cabbage Plant Program (click here to learn more.)  All the third grade students brought home their very own cabbage plant to grow and take care of.  The plants looks so healthy!

I finally hung up the beautiful hornbooks that the kids created:

I love how each student made a unique creation!

You can find this project on TPT here for free!

Ms. Chalpin, our Math Interventionist, came in and did a numbers talk with the kids to teach them different strategies to solve equations:

The Morning Message theme this week was poetry:

Every day I posted a fun poem as part of our Morning Meeting.

In addition, the kids wrote Selfie poems which you can check out here.  The kids were so excited to write and share these.  Plus, they went along perfectly with our Theme of the Week. 

Have a happy weekend!

Five For Friday Finally!

Happy Sunday!  Here I am - at the last minute - linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

Last week's theme was "Making Good Choices:"

I got some of my ideas  here for some of my other Morning Messages.

 We worked very diligently on fractions and started on telling time:

 We had a delightful and fun visit from Top Secret Science about rocks and minerals:

 It was really fun to make pink snow.  I learned I can buy this type of snow at the Dollar Store!

 I read Borreguita and the Coyote by Verna Aardeema to all three third grade classes:

We worked on poetry.  Check out my "Poet-Tree:"

So far there are two seasonal haiku papers on the tree.

Have a wonderful week! 


Currently it's still single digits in April!

Hello there!  I started this post last weekend, and I'm just making it in before the date becomes two digits!  I'm glad that Farley has this link-up!

My husband reserved the TV this afternoon so he could alternate between the Bruins' and the Red Sox games. 

I did manage to clean/tidy the kitchen, but I saw my laptop and got distracted.

For some reasons, I procrastinate when it comes to doing certain chores.  I should write my thank-you notes, but it's a sad and lonely task.  I did buy stamps for my cards so that might help...

Well, I never do give up - I just put it off! 

Thanks for visiting my blog today!


First Five For Friday In April!

Hello!  Weekends are a wonderful time to link-up with Doodle Bugs for:

The week started off with a trip to the MSPCA/Angell emergency room.  Gabi the Dog managed to find a rawhide bone in the backyard and then got it stuck around her bottom jaw.  The veterinarian had to sedate her and remove with bone with pruning shears:

You can also read Gabi's version of the ordeal on her blog here.

Last week's theme of the week was gorillas:

I'm reading the One and Only Ivan to the kids during snack, and I managed to get enough copies of Good Morning, Gorilla which we are reading together as a class.  Our Morning Messages focused on gorilla poems or facts.

We started subtracting across zeroes.  I tried out this method:

                                                    (Click on picture to see original Pin.)
I made my own anchor chart, but it doesn't have this adorable bunny in the hat so I'm showing you the original.  Most of the kids loved this method.  We also reviewed doing this type of subtraction in expanded form, too.  Most of the students do not remember their subtraction facts so we'll be working A LOT of that next week.

We've been reviewing and discussing several events leading up to the American Revolution.

Yesterday (Friday) I booked a field trip to the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum for June 23rd which is the day before the last day of school.  How exciting!

We also spent time learning and reviewing Point of View.  In our citywide reading test, there was a story about Narcissus.  The short answer question involved elaborating on his point of view. 

The One and Only Ivan (click here to read more about this book) is perfect for point of view because the story is told by Ivan who is a gorilla.  Also, we enjoy reading Gabi the Dog's blog to read about her point of view about life.  As you can see in the picture, she's really enjoying those bunny glasses!

Happy April!

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