Fabulous! Summer has arrived!

Happy Summer ~ For Real!  My vacation just started last Wednesday, and I'm happy to share my news while linking up with The Blended Blog!


Building A Levee, and the Levee is not dry!

Our district is in the process of adopting a new science program:  STEMscopes.  We did the weather unit which included plenty of educational reading, videos and activities.  The culminating activity was building a levee to protect against a big flood.  Each group received a cup of dirt, a cup of sand, a sponge, modeling clay, styrofoam peanuts and glue.  When each group completed their structure, I poured in a cup of water to see if the levee could hold off the water for at least one minute.  The kids LOVED the whole experience!

It's a good thing that school ended on June 26th ~ two days after we did this experiment because the floor took quite a beating between the dirt and the glue...

 Boston Tea Party Ship Field Trip = Success

Last Monday - the day before school got out - we went on our annual field trip to the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum:

 This field trip is perfect!  It starts with a reenactment of the Old South Meetinghouse in which the colonists decide to dump the tea into Boston Harbor; followed by a tour of a replica of one of the ships; and ends with a movie of the Paul Revere's ride and the first battles of the Revolutionary War.  If you get a chance to visit this museum, it is so worth it!

Then It's Off to the Massachusetts State House!

After the Tea Party visit, we hopped on the bus on our way to visit our state Representative ~ Jim Dwyer ~ at the Massachusetts State House:

That's me on the far right on the second step.  In addition to all this excitement, I managed to fall in front on my house and broke a bone in my right foot.  Luckily, I can wear a boot so I can walk, but I won't be driving until at least August 2nd ~ when I return to the orthopedic!

 Residencies Complete!

My younger son, Andrew, and his fiancee, Angelika, finished their pharmacy residencies today so I made this delightful graphic on my  Rhonna app. to celebrate:

My Next Blog Post Will Be:


I'll let you know when I finish my research and post!

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Thinking Positively and Having Fun!

Happy Weekend and Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there!

Today I am linking up with Anna Nuttall for her weekly:


New Post at Conversations from the Classroom

I just wrote a new post over at our collaborative blog about the benefits of reading as a way to relax and find empathy.  You can check it out here or click on the picture:


 Positive Thinking!

I follow Power of Positivity on Instagram, and I really LOVED this message:


 Field Day Fun!

We had a beautiful day for Field Day last Tuesday!  This was my hopeful Morning Message:

The all-time favorite activity is this sponge relay race.  The goal is to fill up and empty your sponge into the container until the ping pong ball falls out:

Click here to read directions to play this game.

 Woburn Trolley Tour

The Woburn Historical Society is an amazing organization!  They raise money throughout the year in order to provide each third grade the opportunity to go on a guided trolley ride in which we stop at a variety of historical sites including their headquarters.  While there, the kids saw an exhibit about the 1960's!

Therapy Dog Visit!

My class had the BEST time during our visit with therapy dogs, Taz and Chica:

My students' last day of school is Tuesday, June 26th so we still have a good amount of school left.  

If you're on vacation, enjoy!


Currently ~ Just June ~ Just About Summer...

Hello there!  Today I'm linking up for the Currently link-up hosted by Anne in Residence and her co-host Sarah from Total Basset Case.



Last weekend, my older son Derek got married in scenic Burlington, Vermont at Champlain College.  The bride, Kaylee, was stunningly beautiful all day, and the weather cooperated, too!


Ha!  I LOVE to grill, but I haven't had a chance to refill the gas tank....


We had so much fun exploring Burlington, Vermont, with its splendid farmer's market and pedestrian downtown area.  I bought A LOT at the Hatley Store which sells the most adorable socks, pajamas and housewares!  



My son, Derek, and his wife, Kaylee, went to Stonehill College whose color is purple.  For their wedding, I planted white carnations in these adorable purple polka dotted flower pots that my colleague, Jessica, gave me.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture, and I gave all of them away at the wedding...


I haven't been playing anything these days, but my husband manages to play endless games of Word Cookies.  When needed, I help out!

Well, that's all my news for now!  Thank you so much for visiting today!  I'd love to hear what you've been up to so leave a quick comment!
Here's my new thinking:  Thursday is the new Friday!  It's almost the weekend!

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