Fabulous! Summer has arrived!

Happy Summer ~ For Real!  My vacation just started last Wednesday, and I'm happy to share my news while linking up with The Blended Blog!


Building A Levee, and the Levee is not dry!

Our district is in the process of adopting a new science program:  STEMscopes.  We did the weather unit which included plenty of educational reading, videos and activities.  The culminating activity was building a levee to protect against a big flood.  Each group received a cup of dirt, a cup of sand, a sponge, modeling clay, styrofoam peanuts and glue.  When each group completed their structure, I poured in a cup of water to see if the levee could hold off the water for at least one minute.  The kids LOVED the whole experience!

It's a good thing that school ended on June 26th ~ two days after we did this experiment because the floor took quite a beating between the dirt and the glue...

 Boston Tea Party Ship Field Trip = Success

Last Monday - the day before school got out - we went on our annual field trip to the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum:

 This field trip is perfect!  It starts with a reenactment of the Old South Meetinghouse in which the colonists decide to dump the tea into Boston Harbor; followed by a tour of a replica of one of the ships; and ends with a movie of the Paul Revere's ride and the first battles of the Revolutionary War.  If you get a chance to visit this museum, it is so worth it!

Then It's Off to the Massachusetts State House!

After the Tea Party visit, we hopped on the bus on our way to visit our state Representative ~ Jim Dwyer ~ at the Massachusetts State House:

That's me on the far right on the second step.  In addition to all this excitement, I managed to fall in front on my house and broke a bone in my right foot.  Luckily, I can wear a boot so I can walk, but I won't be driving until at least August 2nd ~ when I return to the orthopedic!

 Residencies Complete!

My younger son, Andrew, and his fiancee, Angelika, finished their pharmacy residencies today so I made this delightful graphic on my  Rhonna app. to celebrate:

My Next Blog Post Will Be:


I'll let you know when I finish my research and post!

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  1. I’m so sorry that you fell and broke a bone. We don’t heal like we did when we were younger. Enjoy your holiday and be safe.

    1. You are so right! Falling is no joke! Happy 4th of July to you, too!


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