Fashionable Adjectives ~ Finding Beauty in Everyone!

Happy Fabulous Weekend!  Today I'm trying out a brand new link-up hosted by Anna Nuttall:

Style and Styleability

I love many of the clothes in my closet.  You know ~ the clothes you just LOVE and wear A LOT!  Then I have clothes that are on the outskirts ~ I'll wear them, but they don't give me that "I'm in love with my outfit" feeling.  One of my goals is to be more adventurous and stylish with my clothes.  Enter:  Style and Styleability.

Click on the picture on the above link to watch the video series. I signed up for the course which costs $297 (just an FYI).  The course includes five sections.  I'm still in section one.  

Style Challenges

I do enjoy Style Challenges.  They encourage me to put together different combinations of clothes.  Here's the March Challenge:

Here are my outfits for Days one and two:

Please notice my students' beautiful Lorax displays in the background!  I love how each one is different!

Hand Adjective Project

In this project, students need to think of five adjectives to describe themselves along with two reasons to support their adjective choices.  I always strongly suggest that the girls use beautiful and the boys use handsome for one of their adjectives.  It's amazing how many of the students disagree and claim that they're "ugly" or not good enough.

After writing, each students traces his/her hand and writes an adjective inside each finger:
Click here to download this activity for free!

In closing

I'm sharing this powerful quote from the above-mentioned Style Challenge that makes the adjective project even more meaningful.

I really appreciate you visiting and reading my blog today.  Thank you!  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Your outfits AND your students' displays are fantastic. I've saved your adjective project to my wishlist. That would be fun anytime, but it might even work as a back-to-school activity. Enjoy your weekend!
    Laughter and Consistency

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