Wrapping Up March With Some Friday Favorites & A Giveaway!

Happy Spring! (if it's spring where you live anyway!).  Today I'm delighted to link up with Andrea,  Erika and Narci for:


The Rent Collector = A Must Read For Those That Love to Read!

This book takes place in the biggest dump in Cambodia where life is "trashy" and difficult.  One day a fellow trash picker finds a book, and it ends up in Sang Ly's hands.  Sang Ly is an illiterate wife and mother to a sickly baby.  Once Sang Ly realizes the rent collector can teach her to read, she asks for reading lessons.  I've just started reading the book, but it is so uplifting and inspiring!

Click on the book to read more at Amazon!

Ommmm ~ Yoga For Kids!

A local yoga instructor donated her time to introduce all the students at my school to the benefits of yoga.  We all stretched, posed and meditated:

Book Fair Night With Clifford the Dog!

Last week we had our Scholastic Book Fair.  One night parents got to attend with their kiddos.  A group of teachers came in to guest read with the most special guest:  Clifford!  This is my colleague, Mrs. Mahoney, reading a book:

Morning Messages and Suffixes

Last week's messages focused on suffixes and when to double the final consonant of a word.  The concept of "double" is often difficult for students so I try to review that as much as possible:

Great Giveaway!

Congratulations to the lucky winner ~ Cara Robinson!

I've joined up with a great group of teachers as part of this great giveaway:

If you win, please let me know!

Have a wonderful week!

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