Currently ~ Marvelous March!

Happy Marvelous March!  Today I'm linking up with Anne In Residence

I've been planning activities for World Down Syndrome Day which is on March 21st.  This year's theme colors are blue and yellow.  In addition, on this day, you're supposed to wear mismatched socks as a way to acknowledge this special day.

Last year, my students and I wore mismatched socks and drew a pair, too:

Get more details about World Down Syndrome Day here!

Seeing ~ Spring Books!

Spring is in the bookstore, and it makes me so happy!  


I just LOVE having new books to check out ~ especially when it signifies spring ~ a season full of hope and improving weather!


I made a new "Lots of Socks" activity and posted it on TPT.  Click here to check it out for free!

 Pretending = Daydreaming

I am a HUGE daydreamer!  These days I'm daydreaming that I'm sitting by a pool in warm weather, and that my legs are tanned!  Of course, it does help that my husband and I are going to Delray Beach, Florida in April!


This is my favorite part of the post!  I just signed up for a Style and Styleability course which includes a March Style Challenge:

 Style and Styleability.

I love having a goal when I'm selecting my clothes for the next day.  Do you pick out your clothes the night before?  This is my routine to prevent having to think too much in the morning while I'm on auto-pilot!

As always, thank you so much for visiting today!  I appreciate you taking time to read my blog!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. I really need to be better at choosing clothes the night before. Sometimes I do better than other nights.


    1. My mother made me pick out my clothes the night before from a very young age, and now it's ingrained in me! I also shower the night before so I can have some peace when I wake up!

  2. I love all things books and all things spring, so that's an excellent combo :)


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