Happy Labor Day Weekend Friday Favorites!

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Gingham Sneakers!

I had to pick up a 20 pack of Play-Doh that I had ordered at Walmart.  I finally decided that my students would LOVE this relaxing activity at the start of school.  Luckily, a Marshall's was right next door so I had to go in to check out the markdown items, and I found these most adorable slip-on sneakers that I didn't need but had to buy anyway:

You can find the exact same pair at Amazon!

Farmer's Almanac Predicts Warmer Weather In New England!

According to The Woman's Day web site, Massachusetts and the Northeast will have more rain than snow next winter (= less snow days to make up in June!):


If you want to read the whole article, click here or on the picture.

Classroom Organizing and Purging!

At the end of school, I broke my foot but still needed to get everything off the classroom floor.  Consequently, I threw everything in the cabinets.  I spent a vast amount of time over the past two weeks fixing the mess I created:

In addition, I arranged all the books in my library and made new labels, too:

Have a marvelous long and relaxing Labor Day weekend!  Do you think the Farmers' Almanac accurately predicts the weather?  This winter, I sure hope it's right!


Friday Favorites ~ Highlights From Maine!

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Anna Nuttall.


Whales Are Amazing!

Last week we stayed at the Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport, Maine.  In the hotel's gift shop, I saw this gem of a book by local author, Tony Viehmann:

Click on the picture to read more about this book!

If you LOVE whales like I do, this is a worthwhile book to add to your collection!

Portland, Maine = Most Populated City in Maine = Fun Place to Visit!

We took a trolley tour of Portland one day.  It was a perfect day for this activity as it was cool and drizzly.  We visited the Portland Head Light:


We also learned that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in Portland and loved to visit the lighthouse:

Seashore Trolley Museum

On our last day, we visited the oldest and largest museum of public transportation right in Kennebunkport! 

Those are my nieces, Jane and Lauren, who are from West Hartford ~ which explains why I took their picture in front of this trolley from Connecticut.  We even got to take a ride in a trolley!  In addition, there are trolleys, subway cars and buses from the U.S., Canada, England and Australia!


The trolleys also have the old advertisements in them:


It's Pumpkin Time!

When I went food shopping, I bought some pumpkin flavored yogurt ~ ALREADY!

 I'm trying to slow down time, but it's not working!  

Have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for visiting.  Please let me know what you've been up to these days!


Happy Summer Friday Favorites!

Happy Summer Days!  I love the sun and the beautiful, blue sky!  This is such an amazing season!  It's also time to link up with The Blended Blog for:


New Post at Conversations from the Classroom!

My new post is up and running!  This post centers around a great new non-fiction series, "If You Were A Kid..."   You can check it out here!

Or click on the picture!

The Two Purchases I Kept from the Nordstrom Sale

Check out the two items I kept from the BIG Nordstrom sale:

 The denim Baker Boy hat is a perfect transitional piece as it covers my ears.

The Kate Spade scarf is sold out.

I LOVE my "Endless Summer" pillow (click here) for similar.

The other BIG news is my boot is gone!

Heartwood Hotel Book Review!

I won a copy of this Heartwood Hotel book from a Mailbox Blog raffle.  After winning, I wrote a review, and it got published in The Learning Magazine.


Watermelon Soap!

Watermelon means summer!  That's why I'm really loving my favorite soap:

Happy Weekend! 


Currently It's August Already!

Happy August everyone!  Summer truly is the quickest and shortest season!  Today I'm linking up with Anne in Residence for:



I enjoy following Audrey of Putting Me Together.  
She is a very down to earth and stylish blogger who showcases a variety of clothes.  You can check out her blog here.


Since I've had a broken foot and couldn't drive for the last six weeks, I've been doing a LOT/too much on-line shopping.  My most recently arrived item was a window washing kit from Amazon:
Due to my tendency to break bones, I won't be climbing on the ladder to clean my windows any more.  I'm hoping this window cleaning kit works like a charm!


I just pinned this list books that third graders love.  I'm always striving to improve my classroom library so I need to keep current !



A show I thoroughly enjoyed was The Split on the Sundance Channel.  In this six episode series, three divorce lawyers deal with family and professional woes.  If you're looking for a new show to watch, check this one out!



My countdown to orthopedic-boot living is coming to an end tomorrow.  My neighbor, who is a physical therapist, claims that I'll still need to wear my boot for long walks, but as long as I can drive, I won't be complaining!

As always, thank you so much for visiting today and reading my blog.  There's still plenty of summer left, and I'm determined to enjoy every minute!

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