Final Five For Friday With Students

Summer vacation is so close!  The kids are on vacation, but us teachers have to go on Monday for an ALICE training.  Here's my final Five For Friday with my students:

I received this delightful and touching card from one of my students:

The note says:  Mrs. K., You are the best teacher in the world.  I love you.  You are the greatest person in the world and the best friend.  By the way, that's supposed to be me - the tall blond with the thin waist!  I'll always keep this card!

Last week I also got a much need teeth cleaning.  I was wearing my flamingo dress so my hygienist got in on the act and used a flamingo toothbrush (normally reserved for children), but it was all in good fun:
Plus, my teeth are so clean now!

We went for an amazing field trip on Thursday - the day before school ended!  Our first stop was the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum (click here to read more):

First, the kids participate in a reenactment of the meeting at Old South Meetinghouse in which the colonists decide to go ahead with dumping the tea.  Next, it's on to a replica of one of the British tea ships.  It's an AMAZING field trip that aligns perfectly with what we learn in Social Studies.

The second stop of our field trip was the Massachusetts State House:

That's the "official" picture of all the third graders in the House of Representatives.  On the podium:  on the left - Joe Demers - Representative Jim Dwyer's assistant and to the right - State Representative Jay Kaufman.

The day after our field trip was the last day of school for the kids.  They got out at noon.  I can't believe it's the end of another school year - time sure does fly.  After my training on Monday, I'll finally be on summer vacation!

Have a magnificent weekend!

No Bake Flag Cake - Perfect For Any Patriotic Holiday!

Today I'm linking up with Tonya, Angelia, Courtney and Nicole for:

My family LOVES this flag cake.  We've made it so often that it's a family tradition, and it's no bake which is very important to me!  The recipe on Pinterest uses pound cake, but we use angel food cake and low fat Cool Whip:

Click here or on the picture to check out the recipe!

Fantastic Five For Friday!

Happy Summer Days!  I still have a full week of school, but I'm still excited to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

Last week we had a perfect weather day - sunny and in the low 80's - for Field Day:

I took this picture, and it reminds me of a famous picture/painting.  Does anyone else see this?

Here are two more pictures:

The kids love this sponge activity:

I love when the kids ask, "Are we still having recess?" during Field Day when it's basically recess all day anyway!

We had our annual Spelling  Bee:

Riley (on the left) and Hailei (on the right) did a phenomenal job spelling some difficult words!

We made these adorable directed drawing projects - Me and my Dad - for Father's Day:

Click here to check out this free activity from Whimsy Workshop!

The Morning Message Theme of the Week was plants:

I've been reading one of my favorite read-alouds while the kids eat snack:

It's perfect because Judy Moody and her family visit the Boston Tea Party Ship in Boston, and we're going there on a field trip next Thursday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Some of my Favorite Books!

Hello.  I'm just popping in with a few book recommendations and to link up for:

I'm reading this book right now:*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Click on the books to see them on Amazon.

I always save this book to read at the end of the year because it's a great Social Studies review as the book starts with the Moody family's trip to Boston.  Judy and her family visit the Boston Tea Party Ship where we're going on our field trip next.  In one memorable scene, Judy, Stink and 2 friends recreate the Boston Tea Party in the family tub.  This book is a better read-aloud if you enjoy reading with a lot of expression.

Gingerbread for Liberty by Mara Rockliff is another history related book that emphasizes the importance of food:

The story is based on the life of a real baker from Germany who loves his country.

Reading this book by Verna Aardema is always a highlight for me:

First of all, I love trickster tales.  Second of all, I LOVE making the voices of the lamb and coyote.  There's also a matching Reading Rainbow video to go along with this story.

Just so you know, my students' last day of school is a half day on Friday, June 24th.  Teachers have a full day and also need to work on Monday, June 27th.  It was going to be for professional development, but that fell through so we'll be cleaning our rooms.

Hasta luego!


Fabulous Five For Friday!

Happy Friday!  I'm really jumping through hoops to link up on time with Doodle Bugs for:

On Tuesday, we went on a trolley tour of Woburn which was paid for by the Woburn Historical Society!

Our first stop was to the water pumping station on Horn Pond:

Over the years, Horn Pond has evolved from ice harvesting to water source to a beach.  Today it's a scenic and historic landmark.

After this, we stopped in Woburn center to check out the War Memorials.  The mayor even came by to see the kids.  Then it was off to a colonial cementary and the home of the Woburn Historical Society where they have an exhibit about tanneries which were quite prevalent back in the day.

The children's librarian from the Woburn Public Library came to "coach" the kids on their summer reading program:

Here's another Woburn landmark!

We started learning about plants in Science:

Our Morning Message theme was Presidents:

On Monday, I released our butterflies:

Click here to see the picture on Instagram.

After watching the butterflies, the kids got to go to a yoga class which took the place of Gym.  It's a program that being piloted for third graders in Woburn.  What a great idea!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Finally - Five For Friday For Last Week!

I have this plan - every day I'll write part of my Five For Friday post.  Then, Friday will arrive, and my post will be all set.  So far, I haven't managed to try my great idea, but I will some day.

In the meantime, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

 We had a fun and educational assembly called Food Play.  (You can read more about them here.)  The actors taught us about the importance of healthy eating. 

 The actors also incorporated juggling and dancing into the act so the kids were entertained the entire hour.

 On Monday, the high school held a "Day of Service" in which seniors came back to their former elementary schools to volunteer.  As luck would have it, I manage to save all student books.  When Douglas showed up, I add him read his two books:  Titanic Man and Multiplication Facts:

Needless to say, he was quite amazed and shocked that I had kept his books.

In addition, I save all our class books so when this group showed up:

 they read their stories about their favorite days.

The BEST part - now my students want to write their own books so that when they come back as seniors, they can read their books to the third graders.  WOW!

 We had another visitor, too:

 Elizabeth brought in her baby gecko, Gavin!

 This week we learned about Woburn and local history as well as landmarks in preparation for our trolley tour next Tuesday.

This is the beautiful Woburn Public Library - one the landmarks the kids need to remember to their quiz!

Our butterflies are all in their chrysalis stage.  I'm hoping there will be six live butterflies when I get to school in the morning!

Have a wonderful week!

p.s.  My computer got another virus that affected my blog's background - that's why I've made the font bigger and darker.
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