Final Five For Friday With Students

Summer vacation is so close!  The kids are on vacation, but us teachers have to go on Monday for an ALICE training.  Here's my final Five For Friday with my students:

I received this delightful and touching card from one of my students:

The note says:  Mrs. K., You are the best teacher in the world.  I love you.  You are the greatest person in the world and the best friend.  By the way, that's supposed to be me - the tall blond with the thin waist!  I'll always keep this card!

Last week I also got a much need teeth cleaning.  I was wearing my flamingo dress so my hygienist got in on the act and used a flamingo toothbrush (normally reserved for children), but it was all in good fun:
Plus, my teeth are so clean now!

We went for an amazing field trip on Thursday - the day before school ended!  Our first stop was the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum (click here to read more):

First, the kids participate in a reenactment of the meeting at Old South Meetinghouse in which the colonists decide to go ahead with dumping the tea.  Next, it's on to a replica of one of the British tea ships.  It's an AMAZING field trip that aligns perfectly with what we learn in Social Studies.

The second stop of our field trip was the Massachusetts State House:

That's the "official" picture of all the third graders in the House of Representatives.  On the podium:  on the left - Joe Demers - Representative Jim Dwyer's assistant and to the right - State Representative Jay Kaufman.

The day after our field trip was the last day of school for the kids.  They got out at noon.  I can't believe it's the end of another school year - time sure does fly.  After my training on Monday, I'll finally be on summer vacation!

Have a magnificent weekend!

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