Finally - Five For Friday For Last Week!

I have this plan - every day I'll write part of my Five For Friday post.  Then, Friday will arrive, and my post will be all set.  So far, I haven't managed to try my great idea, but I will some day.

In the meantime, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

 We had a fun and educational assembly called Food Play.  (You can read more about them here.)  The actors taught us about the importance of healthy eating. 

 The actors also incorporated juggling and dancing into the act so the kids were entertained the entire hour.

 On Monday, the high school held a "Day of Service" in which seniors came back to their former elementary schools to volunteer.  As luck would have it, I manage to save all student books.  When Douglas showed up, I add him read his two books:  Titanic Man and Multiplication Facts:

Needless to say, he was quite amazed and shocked that I had kept his books.

In addition, I save all our class books so when this group showed up:

 they read their stories about their favorite days.

The BEST part - now my students want to write their own books so that when they come back as seniors, they can read their books to the third graders.  WOW!

 We had another visitor, too:

 Elizabeth brought in her baby gecko, Gavin!

 This week we learned about Woburn and local history as well as landmarks in preparation for our trolley tour next Tuesday.

This is the beautiful Woburn Public Library - one the landmarks the kids need to remember to their quiz!

Our butterflies are all in their chrysalis stage.  I'm hoping there will be six live butterflies when I get to school in the morning!

Have a wonderful week!

p.s.  My computer got another virus that affected my blog's background - that's why I've made the font bigger and darker.

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  1. I love the idea to have seniors return to their elementary school! I also like encouraging students to be authors, as I organize my class library, I want to have a category for "student authors". I like your cartoon drawing of you too! Paula


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