Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone!  It's an exciting week with a lot of family and food to look forward to!  I'm excited to share some news from my neck of the woods!

Decoupage Plate

Right now there are endless Holiday Fairs which include crafts, baked goods and White Elephant Tables.  Yesterday I picked up this most adorable plate:


Here's the best part ~ if you're crafty ~ unlike me ~ you can make these plates on your own!  Click here to check out the directions!

Poetry That Makes Sense!

Last week I was looking for a poem for a Morning Message when I came across this delightful site: Treecards

We created treecards to help enrich the act of sharing and receiving greeting cards. The purpose of this blog is to share poems, sentiments and ideas that will help you express yourself each time your share a greeting card.
If you would like to contact us feel free to send us an email at martin@tree.cards.

Poetry and Traits

I am a HUGE fan of Doug Florian's poetry.  His poems are witty and wry.  I use them frequently in my Morning Messages, and last week I used two of them and connected them with what we're learning in Science:

I got the above poems from the book, Beast Feast (click here to check it out on Amazon)!

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As always, thank you for visiting and enjoy this short week and Thanksgiving!

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