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I'm reading the new Olive Kitteridge book:


I'm a fan of author Elizabeth Strout's book, and I especially enjoyed the first Olive book as well as the accompanying mini-series.  Are you an Olive fan?


Tomorrow I'm planning on making chicken francaise which is chicken in a lemon and broth sauce.  I always buy the Purdue thin sliced chicken breast vs. pounding my own chicken. 

More longterm, I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner which is my favorite meal of the year!


We have a beautiful and new book room at school that has amazing guided reading books from Scholastic.  I've been trying to choose interesting chapter groups for the kids to read during Intervention Block.  Their favorite so far is:



Last week, I got my first crown due to a broken tooth.  I was feeling relieved after the old filling was gone only to realize that the dentist had to drill a ridge around the perimeter at the bottom of the tooth so that the crown had a place to attach to the existing tooth.  The whole process took two hours (as of now, it appears I do not need a root canal ~ I can't even imagine that!).  In about a month, the permanent crown will be installed. 

I also learned that dentistry changed in the late 1980's to a more preventative approach vs. the "old" way of drilling out a lot of the tooth and putting in a BIG silver filling.  Eventually, all that drilling along with the filling weakens the tooth leading to weak and broken teeth.  


I follow so many blogs and Instagram accounts!  One of my favorites is Audrey of Putting Me Together.  She is so down to earth and has practical fashion advice!   I'm always on the lookout for different ways to wear my clothes ~ it's fun to get new ideas!

Here I am dressed as the book character, Olivia, along with one of my students.   

As always, thank you for visiting today!  I hope you're having a nice November so far!



  1. Love your costume! It's perfect. Do you have book character dress up day on Halloween? Chicken francaise is a favorite things to eat, but I've never attempted to make it. I was just looking for that Olive book at the library yesterday. I didn't even realize it was a series, so perhaps I'll start with a different one. It's great that your school has a bunch of new books! Cam Jansen books are fun. Have a great week!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Ah, you are so cute as Olivia! What a fun excuse to have striped tights :) And I am a huge fan of all things Elizabeth Strout - can't wait to get my hands on this new one and get back into Olive's world.


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