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Awesome October & Friday Favorites!!

Happy October and welcome to autumn!  I've been seriously missing my blog so thank you for checking in today after a long absence!

Today I'm linking up for Friday Favorites with Erika Narci and Andrea!


My son, Andrew, got married!

On September 14th, my son, Andrew, got married to his longtime girlfriend/fiancee, Angelika!

Focus Board Complete!

After years of trying to make a "fancy" focus board, I ended up handwriting and velcroing the subject areas and learning goals right onto the wall.  Check out the finished product:

Komodo Dragon at the Bronx Zoo!

If you go to the Komodo dragon's natural habitat in Indonesia, you can pay upwards of $500 to see them OR you can go to the Bronx Zoo!  Check out this Komodo dragon on exhibit there:


We bought the All Access Tickets and enjoyed the Butterfly Garden, the Congo Gorilla Forest, the Asian Monorail and Dinosaur Safari.  It was an amazing day and adventure!  It's a definite Best Zoo!

Mealworm Metamorphosis

Here's an example of the exciting world of third grade!  We have mealworms that we observe to see how they grown and change.  This year we even got a beetle:

I've also learned that the mealworms prefer the carrots from the school cafeteria vs. the apples. 

If you're intrigued by mealworms, click here to learn more!  You can even buy 100 0f them at Petco for $3.49! 
On that exciting note, I'm off for my nightly shower.  As always, thank you so much for visiting the blog!  Have a wonderful weekend!

September has arrived!

Welcome to September!  I hear people say that summer is over after Labor Day.  I say that it's still summer because I want to enjoy every last day of warm weather and blue skies.  Plus, now that it's officially September, it's time to link up with Anne from Anne in Residence for:



I made this most adorable sign for my classroom:

I fell in love with this safari friends themed poster at Lakeshore Learning.  Of course, there are matching products, but I limited myself to this poster ~ it took a lot of self-control...


I love these style challenges, and I'm going to try to participate this month since it's back to school and back to reality.  These challenges encourage me to take risks with how I wear my clothes. 



I don't think I'll ever see enough rainbows!  The other night we had unsettled weather when the sun just magically popped out so briefly, and an amazing double rainbow appeared.  I stood outside in the rain and gazed at it until it disappeared.


Once a month I receive a Hello Fresh box.  Every box contains a different type of taco meal.  I LOVE tacos now!  I never really ate them before, but I'm happy to eat and make this versatile dish!

I LOVE these chicken fiesta tacos!



I save too much of everything!  I just spent so much time purging my teaching materials and papers.  I don't want to save so much!  What about you?  Do you save things, forget about them, find them a year later, and wonder why you saved them in the first place?  It's a bad habit that I need to break.  In addition, it would be helpful if I file my papers after I use them.  
As we all enter the Back to School season: 

this September and into the fall!  Thank you for visiting the blog today!

Fantastic Friday Favorites!

Alas, summer Fridays are coming and going faster every week.  That's why I'm happy to link up with
Erika Narci and Andrea for:

Colorful York Beach 

Last week I went on a day trip to visit a friend in York Beach, Maine.  We went to Short Sands Beach and enjoyed a lovely day.  Check out the beautiful beach umbrellas:

The Battle of the Pool Water

I have an above ground pool that I use every day to do my water aerobics.  Well, the pool turned green, and it was taking forever to clear.  When I could finally see the bottom of the pool, I learned there was yellow algae which is quite difficult to eliminate.  Consequently, I have to get my water tested every day and modify the chemicals,...Amazingly, the yellow algae eater came through, and my pool is almost back to normal!

Club Getaway

A few weeks ago, my family and I spent the (hottest and most humid) weekend (of the entire summer) at Club Getaway in scenic Kent, Connecticut.  We went on an adults only weekend, but they have other themed options as well. 
According to their web site:
Flick the switch and find what you’ve been missing from a weekend getaway. When you come to our adult summer camp, it’s like an escape for your inner child. Leave the city behind and arrive to a place where the only schedule you follow is one where adventure is planned after breakfast, and evening parties are definitely on the agenda.

My favorite parts were taking a drumming exercise class; kayaking; zip lining and spending time in the lake to cool off.  In addition, the food was delicious and plentiful ~ similar to a cruise while camping (at least, what I imagine a cruise to be!).

Sand Castles

At Revere Beach (the first public beach in America), there is an annual sand sculpture competition.  We went on Saturday while the sculptors were putting on their finishing touches:

Have you ever seen such amazing sand sculptures or gone on a "glamping" vacation like this?  I would LOVE to hear about it!  Please leave a comment!

Thank you for visiting the blog!  Please visit again soon!

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