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Every Day & Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone!  I woke up today and could not remember what day it was!  Does this happen to you?  Today I'm linking up with Erika of A Little Bit of Everything, , Narci of Grace and Love and Andrea of Momfessionals for:

Morning Message ~ Google Classroom Style

Having a "school" or Google Classroom routine has helped me to normalize my days.  Every weekday, I look forward to writing and posting my Morning Message.  Check out today's inspiration:

Of course, it is a very rainy day here, but I'm hopeful that someone in the world will find a rainbow.  If it's you, please let me know!

If you're looking for more inspiration, here is a timely poem about keeping germs to oneself:

Book of the Month Club

I recently discovered a great way to get hot-off-the-press books!  It's the Book of the Month Club.  Here's some information from their site

Here’s your monthly breakdown.

  • Step 1

    We feature 5 wow-worthy reads.

  • Step 2

    You decide if you want one (or more).

  • Step 3

    Then you read, review, and repeat.

  • Why should I subscribe to BOTM over buying books a la carte?
    Early releases, vetted quality, and oh — we’re way cheaper. Plus, a subscription gets you excited to read, so you might actually do more of it. And that’s a good thing!

Valentine by Elizabeth WetmoreClick here to read more!

If you think you might like to join, please use my link to become a member. 

The Book of the Month that I ordered was:

In other news...

If you need a creative outlet, head over to Canva where you can easily create your own fun graphics for your blog or yourself.  Check out the April calendar wallpaper I made:

Well, I hope you've picked up some ideas to make your life more creative and inspiring.  Also, please make sure to visit the link-up to read more blogs for:

Thank you for visiting the blog today!

Currently ~ Awesome April!

Happy April everyone!  I am delighted to link up with Anne in Residence for:


I have settled on a Google Classroom routine.  Every morning I share a Morning Message; a Google Forms questionnaire; a math activity and a reading one.  Here is my latest Morning Message:


I used to write often in my dog's blog, but then I just stopped.  Thanks to my students requesting more blog posts, I finally wrote a new and timely post that you can read here.

Even our pets need to practice social distancing!

The first wealth is health. | Vegan PostersWishing

My wish for myself, my family and
all for friends is staying healthy.
That's what I am thankful for every day.

The Silent Patient by [Michaelides, Alex]Investigating

I am trying to decide what to read next and where to buy the book.  I am so sad that I can't go to the library, and I NEVER buy books.  I had a gift card to Barnes and Noble, but they charge for delivery (unlike most retailers who now offer free delivery!).  Right now I'm reading this book:

I'm enjoying it, but I'm trying to read it slowly until I have a new book on the horizon.  

Do you have any must-read books to recommend?


Well, I'm going to have to buy a book, but other than that I've been buying groceries on line.  My husband and I went to pick up my daughter who works in New York City.  Due to that excursion, we are quarantining and isolating for 14 days ~ which we should be doing anyway.  I actually enjoy ordering from Whole Foods IF I can get a delivery window!  That's not very easy with everyone deciding/having to order food online.  

Well, I'm hoping that you are all surviving in this strange, new world!  Thank you for visiting the blog today and checking in!


Quarantining and Cleaning ~ Friday Favorites!

Hello there!  Thank you for checking in!  I hope you're staying healthy and are not too bored.  Today I'm delighted to link up with Andrea from Momfessionals for:


Last Week At This Time...

Last Friday, we had a half-day.  We all knew we would have the next two weeks off (it's now been extended to three weeks), and I was hoping and encouraging my students to at least read:

Of course, on the way home, one of my students (who shall remain nameless) exclaimed, "I'm not reading at all for the next two weeks."  Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him or her drink...

Give Me Five Adjectives

During the weeks when life was normal (it seems like forever ago, doesn't it?), my students worked on their "Give Me 5 Adjectives" project.  In this project, each student thinks of 5 positive adjectives that describe him/herself as well as two reasons that support the choice of adjectives.  You can get this activity for free here.

Check out some of the finished products:


Today's Exciting Highlight...

This morning I headed out to Target to arrive upon opening so that I could purchase some bleach (for laundry purposes only) and paper towels.  The great news was that I was able to buy both items.  I'm realizing that bleach, toilet paper and paper towels are totally unavailable.  I'm just happy to have bleach for my white wash.  I don't use bleach to clean ~ except in the bathroom ~ because I tend to get it on my clothes.  

Tomorrow (March 21st) is World Down Syndrome Day!

If you need another free activity to celebrate Lots of Socks and World Down Syndrome Day, look no further! 


 Of course, you can just wear crazy and/or mismatched socks!  

Lots of Socks Day & World Down Syndrome Day ~ March 21st!

Last, but not least...

https://www.momfessionals.com/2020/03/friday-favorites_20.htmlHave you noticed the outpouring of free resources and web sites for virtual learning?  I'm so thankful, impressed and proud to be part of the teacher community!  I'm also thankful to you for checking out my blog!  Stay healthy and well, and check out some other blogs at the link-up:

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