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Currently ~ It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like December!

Happy Thursday!  Welcome to another edition of Currently with Anne in Residence and her cohost Catherine of A Short Blonde for:


I love my battery operated candles with a timer.  Once daylight savings time arrives, I make sure these candles turn on at 4:30 so there's still light in the house.  

Click here to check out some adorable candles with paw prints!


I've done a lot of shopping this year at J. Crew Factory - search for collector t-shirts.  I purchased this plaid elephant shirt:


Click here for men's t-shirts ~ there's just not as exciting as the women's version!


Check out these most adorable Christmas stamps available at your local post office now:

The Snowy Day stamps are THE BEST!


OK ~ I'm sending a book recommendation that everyone should read because its message is so powerful and relevant:

Last week I learned an amazing fact about the Statue of Liberty in the book:


The Statue's right foot is raised to symbolize her walking away from unjust treatment and slavery.  WOW!  Every person who values freedom should read this book and learn the importance of Lady Liberty's right foot.


I LOVE the new song ~ Take It All Back ~ by Judah and the Lion.  Click here to check out the video on You Tube!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Delightful December!

Welcome to December!  Time goes on, and it flies by even faster when you're learning and  having fun!

Five For Friday

 Skill of the Week ~ Inferencing

I love when my Morning Messages reinforce what we're learning in class:



 Dinoman Assembly

 We had a most delightful and fun assembly with Dinoman who entertained and educated us with his wit and knowledge:


 My favorite part was the huge blow-up dinosaurs!

Interview Paragraph and Pictures

When the excitement of Halloween takes over, the kids interview each other and write a paragraph.  (Click here for a New Year's interview activity ~ just in case you need an engaging writing activity).  Check out some finished products:

interview paragraph

student drawing

Book Recommendation

If you love author Anita Shreve, you need to read her newest book:


In this book, the main character deals with major setbacks:  fires; abusive marriage;...  Read more details on Amazon.

J. Crew Factory Collector T-Shirts

If you need a last minute gift, check out these fun t-shirts on J. Crew Factory:

penguin t-shirt

This penguin t-shirt is my favorite!

Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting today!

Diving Into Native Americans and More!

Happy Weekend!  Check out what's going on these days!

Wampanoag Morning Message

I write my Morning Messages every day because I use them to reinforce what we're learning in class:

Plus, teaching about Native Americans is one of my favorite part of Social Studies.

Wampanoag Home Site Dioramas

I have to say that this is my absolute favorite project at this time of year:

This is the perfect project for this time of year!  On Monday we made the mishoons (canoes); on Tuesday we assembled the wetus (wigwams); and on Wednesday, we put the whole project together!  I LOVE using the LED tealights for the fire - too cute!  In addition, each student puts his/her own spin on the project so they're all unique creations!
Here are the links if you would like to recreate this project:  The template for the wigwam (wetu) can be found here, while the template for the canoe (mishoon) can be found here.

Thankful Turkey Feathers

Every year the kids also enjoy creating a thankful feather to be part of our turkey display in the hall:

This year I got the template for the turkey feathers here, and I really like this template as it has a sentence stem and a place to illustrate your thankfulness!  I do love how each feather is a unique creation!

In addition, in the top right of the picture, I'm donning my first pair of LuLaRoe leggings!  These leggings were leftover from the 4th of July batch, but I'll be able to wear them all year!

A Successful Thanksgiving Dinner!

This year I managed to cook a delicious 18+ pound turkey with all the delicious side dishes.  Now we have LOTS of leftovers, and my husband is already bored of the turkey.  Oh, well, I'm hoping that I don't have to cook for the rest of the week!  Let him eat turkey!

Space Dome Fun

Our PTO treated us to a fun and educational space dome in-house visit:

You can read more about booking a similar experience here.

I hope you and your family had an amazing Thanksgiving!  Thanks for checking in today!

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