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Currently ~ June!

Hello there!  I'm always delighted to link up with Anne from Anne in Residence for her Currently Link Up!



Right now I am picking out my mother of the groom dress for my younger son's wedding in September.  I've purchased these two dresses and I'm deciding which one to wear to the rehearsal dinner and which one to the wedding.  Please weigh in with your thoughts!


Click on the picture of each dress to learn more about each one!


The Woburn Historical Society does fundraising with the goal of offering all third graders in Woburn a trolley tour of the city.  Yesterday the third graders are my school had a perfect day for their trolley tour.  Many of the kids said their favorite part of the tour was our visit to the Common and the Veteran memorials.  In addition to the informative tour, the Woburn Historical Society gives each student a t-shirt and a book with pictures of the places visited along with background information.  Most importantly, each student received a goody bag with sunglasses and a yo-yo!


I ordered some shoes online from my favorite store: TJ Maxx.com .  I'm hoping that these fit because I love owls!  In addition, I ordered some wide width walking sneakers.



I'm starting to wear shorts and t-shirts on the weekends!  We've had cool and rainy weather in Massachusetts, and it seemed like spring would never come, but I'm happy to report that the weather is making progress!


I'm celebrating the arrival of summer vacation.  Our last day of school is June 19th, and my students and I are all ready to have a break from the school!

Thanks for visiting the blog today!  Please let me know what you think of the dress options!

Currently ~ It's Marvelously May!

Happy May!  I'm excited to link up with Anne from Anne in Residence fame for:



My student, Blessings, drew this picture of me, and the resemblance is pretty close.  Of course, I do appreciate the long, thick eyelashes Blessings gave me!


Yesterday I was browsing around in T.J. Maxx when a pink box caught my eye.  I pulled it out from underneath a display, and it turned out to be a Corn Hole game with a donut theme!

For $40, I got a one of a kind game!  If you go online at T.J. Maxx, you can get a similar version with an American flag theme right here!  We were outside in the cool, damp weather playing


I LOVE borrowing books from my local library which just had a masquerade-themed fundraiser.  The library is open at night, and they have raffles and silent auctions.  Here's my friend, Paula, during the event talking to a magician:

Of course, I forgot to prepare and didn't have a mask, but most people came dressed to the nines and wore very fancy masks. 


I remember to check the weather every day lately ~ just in the event that the sun might peek out.  Here in Massachusetts, it's been a very cold and rainy spring with very little sun.  This past April broke a record for having the most rainy days since 1872!

 Plus, I'm trying to not wear tights which is challenging due to the low temperatures as well as my white legs which don't stand a chance to get a tan with so little sun!


I just finished a really fun book, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman:

 Eleanor is completely honest and sees everything in black and white terms until circumstances, beyond her control, force her out of her comfort zone.  She is forced to assimilate into "normal" society and experience "normal" social situations which cause her to blurt out her own viewpoints ~ which are so true and funny!  If you're looking for a great book, check out this one!

Well, thank you so much for checking in today!  Please let me know what another good book would be!  Happy Spring ~ hopefully where you live!

Bluetiful Five For Friday!

Hello there!  I love learning something new every day.  Last week was National Crayola Day, and I learned the newest Crayola color is bluetiful!  Who knew?  

Today I'm linking up with Anna Nuttall's New Bloggers Link-Up for:


National Crayola Day ~ Morning Message

Every morning I head to Checkiday to find out "what unknown to me" holiday is happening that day.  I was so excited to learn about National Crayola Day because I've always loved the smell and feel of new crayons.  After I discover the holiday of the day, I do a little research to learn more information to include in my Morning Message:


Adapting to an Ever Changing World

My students are writing plays about animal adaptations.  If you are studying this topic or animals in general, the book, Sea Bear, will break your heart as well as teach you how animals make due with diminishing resources:

Click here or on the book cover to read more at Amazon.

If Polar Bears Disappeared complements the above book perfectly:


My First ~ and hopefully not last ~ Chick-Fil-A Sandwich

Chick-Fil-A just opened a new restaurant in Woburn where I teach.  Last week they sent along chicken sandwiches for everyone at my school.  The chicken sandwich was delicious and warm!  It was such a treat to have a "real" lunch vs. my hummus on naan bread.  Here's Mrs. Borselli enjoying her sandwich:

Where has Chick-Fil-A been all my life?  I thought these places were mainly in the southern U.S., but there are in mall food courts, and now down the street from my school. 


I've been looking for a mother of the groom dress for my younger son's wedding in September.  If you love TJ Maxx and Marshalls, you'll love their web site.  There are many more options ~ even petites and plus sizes.  I've ordered four dresses to try on.  Here's one of my favorites:

The dress looks much better on the site!

Well, I've procrastinated enough!  I need to write progress reports!  Thank you for visiting the blog today.  I hope there will be some sunshine in your life next week!

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