Friday Favorites: Springtime Edition!

Happy days are here again!  Today I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Erica from A Little Bit of Everything for:

Solar Eclipse Excitement

In Massachusetts, the eclipse peaked at 3:30 pm.  We get out of school at 2:50 pm so we had some time outside before going home.  As you can see, the kids LOVED watching:

My daughter is having a baby!

In July, my daughter is having a baby girl:  the first grandchild!  Here is Bethany with my new dog, Truffles:

A Perfect Message from Power of Positivity!

Every day I check out Instagram, and this message really resonated with me:

Reconnecting with a Childhood Friend

A friend and I went to Rockport, Massachusetts last week to check out Halibut Point State Park.  This location was prominently featured in the movie, CODA.  On the way home, I saw the street where my childhood friend, Kathy, lived.  The door was opened so I rang the bell, and amazingly, she still lives there:

That's Kathy on the left!

Last, but not least...

Here is a picture of my husband from December when we went to Puerto Rico:

During February vacation week on Thursday, we went to the gastroenterologist because my husband had acid reflux and was getting sick pretty much every time he ate.  I insisted on accompanying him so he would not downplay his symptoms.  Luckily, he got an endoscopy the following Tuesday because he has esophageal cancer, stage 3.  Everything went quickly after that, and he is undergoing intense chemotherapy and hoping to have surgery in May.

My mother always said, "Your life turns on a dime."  That is for sure!  Our lives have been turned upside down, but my husband is amazingly being a real trooper through it all.  We have learned a lot, including that the ribbon color of esophageal cancer is periwinkle, which explains the font color of this post!

Much health and happiness to you all!  Happy spring!

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