Happiness is Five For Friday on the Weekend!

Happy weekend!  I just love the weekend because I get to link-up with Doodle Bugs for:


Morning Messages!

This week's Morning Messages highlighted synonyms, Massachusetts and the first day of fall:

We worked more on multiplication word problems and even division - I just didn't call it that yet (we're starting on Monday).  The kids love using hula hoops and sticky notes to solve problems such as:  The Line Leader has 15 Shopkins.  She wants to put them into three piles.  How many Shopkins are in each pile:

After the demonstration, they solve the actual Math workbook problems which have the same numbers - just different words.  Plus, I got (borrowed) the hula hoops from the gym teacher!

We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshalls and made sure to read with LOTS of expression for the three bears.  We made believe we were actors while reading our parts.

Click on image to read more on Amazon.
We were also exceptionally lucky to have a parent guest read on Friday - HUGE thanks to Mr. Mennell for reading two great books.  Plus, he reads with LOTS of expression so he's a great role model for the kids!

Last year's third graders each got a Bonnie cabbage plant to grow at home.  Check out Daniel's cabbage:

Just think of all the cole slaw you could make with that big cabbage!

Last weekend my family and I went to scenic Salem, Massachusetts and saw this awesome exhibit:

That's my daughter, Bethany, on the lower left; Derek is on the right.  Andrew missed out as he was working at the CVS pharmacy.

That's it for now - thanks for stopping by to check in!  Happy weekend!

Show and Tell - September Edition!

Good morning!  It's time for another Show and Tell Tuesday with Forever in Fifth Grade:


I love doing these style challenges on Instagram because they help me wear clothes that I wouldn't normally pick out:

I switched out two shelves and put this one behind my desk because it has so many slots:

I used to keep all this "stuff" on my teacher desk, and my goal this year is to keep my desk neater and more organized.  Let's just say that this is a work in progress...  I'm still adjusting to my new system.

I just ordered this great book Apples, Apples, Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace (click here to read more on Amazon):

This book has detailed and colorful illustrations - definitely worth checking out!

Enjoy the last few days of summer!

Happy Creative Five For Friday Recap!

Hello there!  I'm so happy to have you stop by to see what exciting events happened last week.  It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs for:



These Morning Message will give you an overview of our learning last week:

 Every day I create a Morning Message that reflects and reinforces what we're learning in class - it's a great way to review.  Plus, we read the messages together so we're working on our fluency as well.

 Thursday was International Dot Day - check out our creations:

 In addition to creating, each student needed to sign his/her work.

Thursday was also Back to School Night!

Every year, my students make a pencil and an apple book which create a beautiful and colorful bulletin board:

Anchor Charts and Me Bag Example:

We have learned about types of sentences and multiplication in the morning.  After lunch, we continue to share our Me Bags which are full of interesting items:

I would be candy in my Me Bag, too!

A Hit Book!

The kids went crazy over this book:

Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett starts out with two friends who decide to dig a hole.  Their dog comes along for the adventure.  By the end, the characters find themselves on the ground.  The kids came up with so many theories of what really happened to Sam and Dave.  Here are two examples:

*They went to another dimension.

*It was a dream.

I read the book twice, and they want to read it again to look for clues about what happened.  This is definitely a book to check out!

If you LOVE number clipart - like me - click here to check them out - THEY'RE FREE FROM TRIORIGINALS!

Happy Weekend!

Teacher Week Recap

Good morning or evening!  I'm so happy you're stopping by to check out this link-up with Blog Hoppin' for:


In addition to the list below, I also have a husband, Matt, and three children in their twenties:  Bethany, Derek and Andrew.  Of course, my family would not be complete without Gabi the Dog!

I live and teach north of Boston, Massachusetts.  I LOVE learning about the history of my state so I absolutely LOVE Social Studies!

Here are some examples of the finished project from last year:

Click here to view the original post.

Here's a picture of our school:

I do LOVE my clothes!  I especially love bright colored clothes which explains why I love Lilly Pullitzer - although I usually buy these clothes at consignment stores or when they're marked down a lot.  When the weather cools down, I love my tights - especially the colorful ones with designs on them.

Last year I realized what special friends I had when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer.  It was a very stressful and trying time, and I am so grateful to know I can depend on my friends.  Here's a husband anecdote:

This story reminds me of yesterday when I was eating pizza and bragging about how Gabi the Dog NEVER jumps on the table to get food.  Guess what?  While I was telling the story she reached up and took my pizza.  I'm going to try to be more humble.

Thanks for reading this long post! 


First Week Five For Friday!

Well, I'm back to school and just finished my first week - now that's an accomplishment!  I have plenty of news for Doodlebugs' link-up:


On Wednesday, the kids arrived for our first day of school.  I have 17 brand new, very nice students who seem to be enjoying their first days of third grade!  Here are their baby pictures which are hanging in the hallway:

 This is always a fun and interesting attraction - the kids love trying to figure out "Who's that baby?"


 We had a Morning Meeting on our first three days of school:

I'm featuring the second day of school message because I like to get right to work reviewing and learning.  Next week we'll be learning about sequence in our first story so I introduced the word this week as a way to preview the concept.  In addition, I carried the idea into math.

We also started learning how to pick "just right" books.

I got to wear my new "Lilly" dress on the first day of school:

 Luckily, it arrived on Tuesday so I ironed it and put it right on the next day!  I bought this dress on sale - I love the bright colors!  Also, notice to the right - that's my student mailbox - each student has a hanging folder in which I put the mail every day.

We read A LOT of great books on the rug this week.  I'm also reading one of my favorite chapter books during snack:  Judy Moody Was In A Mood...  It's such a perfect book because Judy is also starting third grade!

                         Happy Weekend!


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