First Week Five For Friday!

Well, I'm back to school and just finished my first week - now that's an accomplishment!  I have plenty of news for Doodlebugs' link-up:

On Wednesday, the kids arrived for our first day of school.  I have 17 brand new, very nice students who seem to be enjoying their first days of third grade!  Here are their baby pictures which are hanging in the hallway:

 This is always a fun and interesting attraction - the kids love trying to figure out "Who's that baby?"


 We had a Morning Meeting on our first three days of school:

I'm featuring the second day of school message because I like to get right to work reviewing and learning.  Next week we'll be learning about sequence in our first story so I introduced the word this week as a way to preview the concept.  In addition, I carried the idea into math.

We also started learning how to pick "just right" books.

I got to wear my new "Lilly" dress on the first day of school:

 Luckily, it arrived on Tuesday so I ironed it and put it right on the next day!  I bought this dress on sale - I love the bright colors!  Also, notice to the right - that's my student mailbox - each student has a hanging folder in which I put the mail every day.

We read A LOT of great books on the rug this week.  I'm also reading one of my favorite chapter books during snack:  Judy Moody Was In A Mood...  It's such a perfect book because Judy is also starting third grade!

                         Happy Weekend!



  1. I love love love your Lily dress! I bought my first Lily Planner this year and it's awesome!! I think your "Who's that Baby?" idea is a great way to for the students to get to know each other at the beginning of the year! I may borrow that idea sometime!

    Chevron and Crayons

  2. Your dress is beautiful! I've been reading aloud The Hundred Dresses. Next up will be The One and Only Ivan. That Judy Moody book sounds good. Believe it or not, I've never read it!
    Laughter and Consistency


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