Five For Friday For A Two Day School Week!

We got A LOT of snow last week in eastern Massachusetts!  We ended up having three snow days last week, and now the weather people are predicting MORE snow for Monday.  In the meantime, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

On Monday we started to learn about Braille and how January is National Braille Literacy Month.

I even created a flipchart that you can download here if you have a Promethean Board.

I shoveled A LOT of snow.  Here's Gabi the Dog sitting on the front steps watching and waiting while I keep shoveling.

Gabi the Dog has her own blog, too!  Click here to read about her adventures!

In our Morning Message on Friday, we figured out how many inches of snow we actually received:

 On Monday and Friday we worked at our centers.

I'm always on the lookout for great listening center books, and Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully was a HUGE hit (almost as good as Art Dog - the all time favorite).  In the Read with a Friend center, there was a Mini Page article about bullying.

We had a great time in Computer Lab yesterday doing Xtramath, Kidblog and our Powerpoints.

 Friday's highlight was receiving our first Valentine in a Valentine Exchange.  Check out this Valentine from the Cherokee Elementary School in Oklahoma:

I hung this right up in the hallway so everyone can see this adorable Valentine!  Of course, with all these snow days, our Valentines might go out a few days late.  Next week we'll be getting right to work on this project.

Tomorrow's the Superbowl which means:


Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Snow Day!  Today was my second snow day in a row so I had time to do some much needed cleaning and organizing at home.  That's why I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo for:

My kitchen cabinets are always in disarray.  Since I am home for another snow day, I decided to empty several cabinets, clean the insides, rearrange,...I threw away A LOT of expired food, too.  I even discovered 14 water bottles in my corner cabinet!

How often do you clean out your kitchen cabinets?


Anchors Away!

I started this post last Tuesday so that is why I'm on time this week to link up with Deb for:

I was looking for an idea for my Morning Message with a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. theme, and I came across a great idea in  A Cupcake for the Teacher.'s blog.  (click here to check it out).  Here's my Morning Message - inspired by A Cupcake for the Teacher:

Dr. King craftivity can be seen here.)
 This Monday we are expecting a blizzard with several feet of snow - there's no school tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week - without snow - if you're lucky!


Fantastic! Five For Friday!

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping in for a visit.  Today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

We wrote about our dreams and made Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. crafts to go along with them.  (You can check out this activity here.)

I love how Insaf and Kyle were creative and made arms for the Dr. King crafts (top left). 

One of my former third grade students came to visit.  His name is Chris, and he is a senior at Woburn High School and a star quarterback.  He encouraged the kids to work hard and practice.  When he was leaving, they all wanted his autograph!

Chris has even agreed to come back for a visit.  Of course, when you're treated like a celebrity, you want to come back!

On Wednesday I went to an all day Science professional development by Wicked Cool Science for Kids.  Barb Johnson is the head of the company, and she started as a classroom teacher who now has a very successful company that offers science enrichment programs to schools and summer programs.  This is the first time Barb has offered professional development for teachers.  Here's a sample of the rock cycle and plant dissection we did:

When I was out, I left a Morning Message for Mrs. D.K., our guest teacher.  On the bottom, the kids wrote ways they could help the guest teacher:

The kids made sure that Mrs. D.K. did everything the right way.  It's good to know that they know the routine so well.

We also continued our work on singular and plural nouns.  We also discussed when the letter "y" is a consonant or a vowel.

I love my Picstitch app - it's the only one I've bought; it cost 99 cents, and I've definitely gotten my money's worth.

We're finally having some snow north of Boston.  I guess it was bound to happen at some point!


What we wear and eat in Massachusetts!

I'm very excited to link up with Lucy for:

Just in case you don't teach third grade in Massachusetts, our state dessert is Boston Creme pie; our state muffin is the corn muffin; chocolate chip cookies were invented in Massachusetts and are the state cookie; and our state berry is the cranberry.

Some of my students even made this own version of what we eat:

Now it's time to link up with  Style Me Pretty for:

This past week I only worked three days as I had a professional development one day.  The highlight of my week was wearing my new poncho!  Check it out:

I never would have gotten a poncho if it wasn't for this Winter Style Challenge, and I have to say, the poncho was comfortable and cozy!  In the top right picture, I'm wearing a new scarf with bright and cheerful colors which give me hope for warmer weather.  Of course, the weather is for snow tomorrow, and I just got back from the supermarket.  You would think we were getting another Blizzard of '78 - it's so crazy and crowded!

Now I can enjoy the weekend!  Enjoy yours, too!


Wordless Wednesday and Positive Thinking Thursday!

Hello, there!  Thanks for checking in today for two fine link-ups.  First up is Wordless Wednesday with Miss DeCarbo for:

This past Tuesday one of my former third grade students came to visit.  Christopher is a senior at Woburn High School and is the star quarterback of the football team.  He was a HUGE hit with all the students.  While he was talking, he mentioned that he was a HUGE fan of Tom Brady.  I told the kids, "Just think, Christopher might be the next Tom Brady, and you got to meet him!"  One of my students then said,

Well, if he's going to be the next Tom Brady, he's going to need to change his name because his name's Chris, isn't it?

This is my question for the week:  what's your opinion of Deflategate?

p.s. My husband had a dream that I was the assistant quarterback on the Patriots, and I was the one who deflated the footballs.  What does that dream mean?

Now it's time to link up with Jennifer for:

Of course, it's a football related thought:

Poor Charlie Brown!  Happy Friday!

Five For Friday!

By the time I finish this post, it will be time to start next week's!  At last, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

Last week we worked on main idea and details, and I made this anchor chart to go along with the lesson:

We also did this fun Main Idea contest from Christina Bainbridge's TPT store!   

Each group of students had to cut out four sentences and put them in order starting with the main idea and then the details.  Afterwards, each group had to come to the front of the room and share their sentences.

We also read Nights of the Pufflings by Bruce MacMillan.  This true story takes place in Iceland where children spend two weeknights in August trying to save lost and confused pufflings.

We also started learning how to measure in inches using rulers.  The kids did pretty well for their first try!

In Social Studies, we learned about the Salem Witch Trials which is always very exciting!

Every week we write a letter to the Line Leader.  Each student and I write a letter that begins:

Dear _____________,
     I'm glad you are the Line Leader because................

While we're writing, the Line Leader is making a cover for his/her book.  Here's an example - this is Danielle's cover and a sample page:

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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