Wordless Wednesday and Positive Thinking Thursday!

Hello, there!  Thanks for checking in today for two fine link-ups.  First up is Wordless Wednesday with Miss DeCarbo for:


This past Tuesday one of my former third grade students came to visit.  Christopher is a senior at Woburn High School and is the star quarterback of the football team.  He was a HUGE hit with all the students.  While he was talking, he mentioned that he was a HUGE fan of Tom Brady.  I told the kids, "Just think, Christopher might be the next Tom Brady, and you got to meet him!"  One of my students then said,

Well, if he's going to be the next Tom Brady, he's going to need to change his name because his name's Chris, isn't it?

This is my question for the week:  what's your opinion of Deflategate?

p.s. My husband had a dream that I was the assistant quarterback on the Patriots, and I was the one who deflated the footballs.  What does that dream mean?

Now it's time to link up with Jennifer for:

Of course, it's a football related thought:

Poor Charlie Brown!  Happy Friday!

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