Help a Budding Teacher/Author! Wordless Wednesday! Positive Thinking!

Happy Hump Day!  (Oops, it already Friday)>

There's a teacher who wants to publish her own educational math-related book:

Click on this link to read more about this worthwhile project:     Kids Math Teacher!

Now I'm linking up with the delightful Miss DeCarbo for:

I have had this bulletin board up since the start of school, but I can't take it down because I love the kids' pictures and their interviews of each other.  How often do you change your bulletin boards?

Now it's time for some positive thinking with Jennifer:

I read this in the "g" section of the Boston Globe, January 8, 2015:

Science has spoken:  reading books offers more cognitive benefits than settling in with a digital device.  A study out of Norway's Stavanger University says that without the tactile experience of the page, Kindle readers are not as adept as book readers at recalling facts from a novel.  Comprehension also suffers with e-reading...picking a book on paper might just be good for your brain.

I don't have a Kindle because I just love the feel and idea of a book in my hands.  Now I have some scientific research to explain my preference.  Plus my brain needs all the help it can get!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Such an interesting fact about e-readers. There are certain books that I just HAVE to have in my hand, where an electronic device won't do. That's probably why the people at Amazon love me so much! :) Thanks for linking up!!



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