Fantastic! Five For Friday!

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping in for a visit.  Today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

We wrote about our dreams and made Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. crafts to go along with them.  (You can check out this activity here.)

I love how Insaf and Kyle were creative and made arms for the Dr. King crafts (top left). 

One of my former third grade students came to visit.  His name is Chris, and he is a senior at Woburn High School and a star quarterback.  He encouraged the kids to work hard and practice.  When he was leaving, they all wanted his autograph!

Chris has even agreed to come back for a visit.  Of course, when you're treated like a celebrity, you want to come back!

On Wednesday I went to an all day Science professional development by Wicked Cool Science for Kids.  Barb Johnson is the head of the company, and she started as a classroom teacher who now has a very successful company that offers science enrichment programs to schools and summer programs.  This is the first time Barb has offered professional development for teachers.  Here's a sample of the rock cycle and plant dissection we did:

When I was out, I left a Morning Message for Mrs. D.K., our guest teacher.  On the bottom, the kids wrote ways they could help the guest teacher:

The kids made sure that Mrs. D.K. did everything the right way.  It's good to know that they know the routine so well.

We also continued our work on singular and plural nouns.  We also discussed when the letter "y" is a consonant or a vowel.

I love my Picstitch app - it's the only one I've bought; it cost 99 cents, and I've definitely gotten my money's worth.

We're finally having some snow north of Boston.  I guess it was bound to happen at some point!

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