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Happy Friday!  As always, I'm behind the times, but I'm here to link up with Jennifer for:


I read this article about the 10 best and worst states for education (check the full article here):

Overall grade: B
State score: 86.2
Per-pupil spending: $13,157 (16th highest)
High school graduation rate: 86.0% (12th highest)
Eighth-graders proficient in math or reading: 54.6% (the highest) According to Education Week, Massachusetts school systems are the best in the nation. Massachusetts eighth-graders led the nation in mathematics aptitude, with 18.2% achieving advanced-level performance on math sections of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, more than twice the national rate. A greater percentage of the state’s fourth- and eighth-graders were also proficient in both math and reading than in any other state. Strong performance among young state residents clearly led to further success, as more than 70% of 18 to 24 year olds were either enrolled in college or had already completed a post-secondary degree, the highest proportion in the nation. As in other states with strong schools, Massachusetts residents are financially well-off. Nearly 70% of children lived in families with incomes at least 200% of the poverty level, the fourth highest proportion in the country.

This news makes me feel positive about being a teacher in Massachusetts! 

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