3-2-1 Biography!

I'm officially on vacation - FINALLY!  A lot of bloggers are already starting to prepare for Back to School...  Today I'm linking up with Bright Concepts 4 Teachers!:


1 - 2.  I'm always looking for ways to improve, and this includes trying "experiments" that are often outside my comfort zone.  For example, this year I decided to try Nearpod - disaster; but Kahoot, that was the BEST!  Also, making wetus out of pipe cleaners was frustrating, but they did come out cute.

Luckily, I had the best para - Mrs. Brown; and the best parent helpers - Ms. Paula and Ms. Jo-Anne!  They went along with my crazy "experiments" and never complained!

3.  I LOVE to ham it up when I read out loud - so much fun!  When a book character screams, I scream, too.  Luckily, everyone on the floor knows that I'm just "reading."

1.  A little over six years ago, my father fell on ice and broke his femur....It's been a rough road for him, and I've always been there for him.  This past Good Friday, we found out he had lung cancer, and he's getting weak and can no longer live alone so he's living here where Gabi the Dog keeps her eye on him all day!

This is an older picture - of course, he gives her A LOT of treats which makes Gabi even more attentive.

2.  I LOVE being outside as much as possible.  I LOVE the feel of warm sun on my skin and breathing in the fresh air.

Ever since I saw the Brady Bunch go on the mule train in the Grand Canyon, I've wanted to do the same.

Make sure to head over to Bright Concepts 4 Teachers to link up!

p.s. My vacation started yesterday so I'm hoping to blog more now!

Five For Fabulous Friday!

Hello there!  I'm finally linking up with Doodle Bugs for:


We had our annual Goodyear Spelling Bee (this news is a week late).  Here are the winners:

(From the left:  Mrs. Dicky (parent volunteer); John, 2nd place; Mia, 1st place; Mr. Kessaris (principal)

Every student received a pencil for their participation.

We've been writing about and sharing our special objects:

Some examples of special objects include stuffed animals and siblings.  Liam wrote about his younger sister, and his Mom was kind enough to bring Krista in so we could all meet her.

We're doing centers about US landmarks and symbols.  There are five centers with two attractions in each.  In New York, the kids visit the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls.  In another, the sites include the Grand Canyon and the Gateway Arch.  Each student has a suitcase that they carry to the center.  After reading about the information and completing the pamphlet, they place it in their suitcase:

If you want to check out this fun project, click here.

We had a visit from  Weird Science:

The kids spent 90 minutes learning about electricity and magnets.

During snack, we're reading one of my very favorite read-alouds - Judy Moody Declares Independence - by Megan McDonald:

In this book, the Moody Family takes a family trip to Boston to visit the sites.  It's a fun, funny and educational story all rolled into one!

We have two more weeks of school - the last day is June 26th.  Have a wonderful week!


It's Currently June!

As the weekend comes to an end, I'm lucky enough to link up with Farley for:

There are currently 15 days left of school which means I need to get ready for the week ahead on Sunday night.  We still have plenty to accomplish in this short time. 

This summer we're going to visit my son, Derek, who is doing an internship at Americans for the Arts in Washington, DC. 

I'm off to finish getting ready for another busy week!
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