Last Weekend of October Updates & More!

It's hard to believe that we're on the doorstep of Halloween and November.  Time sure flies during the school year.  Today I'm linking up with Jan from Laughter and Consistency for Saturday Sum Up;  

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The Voice ~ A Poem by Shel Silverstein

I LOVE this poem and used it in Monday's Morning Message:

More Monday Excitement!

The kids had so much fun planting their lima, pinto and grass seeds.  I gave them a cup of dirt, and they were off and planting.  When we can into school last Monday, the plant were actually thriving!

New Chromebooks Arrive!

The kids were extremely excited to use our new Chromebooks.  For the first 30 minutes, they did either Lexia or Freckle (formerly Front Row):

In addition, we started making some Powerpoints using Google slides.  I LOVE having new technology as well as having the computer lab come to us!

Life Cycle Learning Continues

I really love when I can incorporate what we're learning in class into our Morning Messages.  Since we're still studying life cycles, we learned about the spider life cycle:

My Son, Andrew, and his Fiancee, Angelika, are front page news!

That's Andrew's pumpkin in the top row on the far left.  I think it's a Nintendo character.

Last Tuesday, we had severe thunder and lightning, and a church in my town got struck by lightning and burned to the ground.  You can read more here. 

Have a wonderful week and a fun Halloween!  


Welcome to the Wonderful Weekend with Updates & News!

It's my favorite time of the week, and I'm happy that you're checking in to see what's happening these days as I link up with Jan from Laughter and Consistency for Saturday Sum-Up;
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Pumpkin Poem!

I LOVE using poetry in my Morning Messages.  After we read the poem, I have the kids identify the verbs!

Fire Safety House

My students love to visit The Fire Safety House and hear the firefighters talk about fire safety:

I learned something important.  First, we now have fire alarms that "talk" rather than beep.  In addition, these talking alarms are more likely to awaken a sleeping child.  You can read more here.

The Energize Guyz from Eversource

We had an engaging and educational assembly from Eversource last week:

The Energize Guyz were two young women who put on a series of fun skits about how to make wise energy decisions.  The kids enjoyed the show and got free mini-backpacks on their way out!

Baby Pictures Display = Complete!

I finally have all of my students' baby pictures in the hallway.  The kids love looking at these pictures!

Next week I have parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening.  Right now I'm off to work on the schedule!

Have a wonderful week!    


Fabulous Fall News!

Hello there!  After a warm week ~ with temperatures in the 80's ~ fall has arrived!  Thanks for checking in as I link up with Jan from Laughter and Consistency for Saturday Sum-Up;  and Andrea, ErikaNarci and The Blended Blog for Friday Loves: 

Change Is Simple Visits!

Change Is Simple is a great organization that comes to our school and teaches our students about endangered animals and the environment.  The kids loved "running around the world" as well as learning about animals and where they live:

Johnny Appleseed Directed Drawings Are Live!

I LOVE seeing my students' finished directed drawings accompanied by their haikus.  They add a pop of color to our hallway!

Mealworm Mania Continues

We've had our meal worms for over a week, and they're getting very enormous.  Plus, they're hungry.  If we put food in their container, it's gone in a flash!

New Post on Conversations from the Classroom.

Check out my new post on Concersations From The Classroom about frequently confused terms by clicking here or on the graphic below:

Preparing for Veterans' Day

The third graders are starting to prepare for our Veterans' Day assembly.  We'll be reading this poem and singing two songs:

That's it for now!  Thank you for checking in!  I'd love to hear from you ~ please leave a comment ~ if you'd like!


Currently ~ Awesome Autumn October Arrives!

Happy Fall Everyone!  Thanks for visiting the blog as I link up with Anne of Anne in Residence for:

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I've been wearing a lot of skirts with my slip-on shoes.  I'm trying NOT to wear tights for as long as possible, but I absolutely don't like when my feet get cold.  These are my new Sketchers ~ which are now on sale!


These days I'm into collecting nicely scented lotions like this pick from The Honest Company:
I've had great success with The Honest Company's products.  Plus, I really do like Jessica Alba!


I've been making a lot of meals on my gas grill!  I love cooking up a bunch of food on Sundays so that I don't have to cook during the week.  These Shadybrook cranberry and jalapeno turkey burgers are current favorites!


I'm taking my time saying good-bye to summer.  Last weekend I went to visit a friend in York Beach, and I really enjoyed seeing the ocean and laying in the sand.  Plus, I do love the feel of the sun when it's warm out!

We saw so many Monarch butterflies up in York Beach!  They're so beautiful!


I'm planning on purchasing a cozy plaid sweater, and I'm considering this one from Nordstrom ~ when it goes on sale!

If you happen to scope out any affordable plaid sweaters, please let me know!  I love plaid as much as I love to be warm in the winter!

Thank you for checking in on the blog!  I'm hoping to be back shortly with what is happening at school.  Enjoy the rest of the week!

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