Five For The Last Friday Of Summer Vacation!

The last weekend of summer vacation is here, and it's already Sunday which means that I'd better hurry up and link up with Doodle Bugs for:

This week I made the most of summer by going to the gym and in my pool.  I love spending time outdoors.  It even got close to 90 degrees.   I read in the Boston Globe that people are complaining that it hasn't been hot enough this summer; we've had 4 days of 90+ degrees vs. 17 days last summer.  I have loved the weather this summer!

My classroom is in pretty good shape.  Of course, there's always more you can do, but I've done quite enough, and my desk is neat and organized.  My library look great!  I'll be working on odds and ends all weekend at home, but it's good to know the room is clean.  Here's a picture of my rug area:

The reason I'm a little late this week is because we went to a wedding in Walpole, NH which is about two and a half hours away.  I decided to wear my first day of school outfit which I now need to clean after I spilled ice coffee on it.  Here's a picture of me and my dog, Gabi before we left:

I'm wearing my new Stella and Dot necklace that I bought with my Dot Dollars as well as my new Franco Sarto sandals that I got in the markdown rack at Marshalls. 

I started reading a new book which I am enjoying:

Here's the summary from the back cover of the book:

From the critically acclaimed, bestselling author of The World We Found and The Space Between Us comes a profound, heartbreakingly honest novel about friendship, love, and second chances.
An experienced psychologist, Maggie carefully maintains emotional distance from her patients. But when she agrees to treat a young Indian woman who tried to kill herself, her professional detachment disintegrates. Cut off from her family in India, and trapped in a loveless marriage to a domineering man who limits her world to their small restaurant and grocery store, Lakshmi is desperately lonely.
Moved by Lakshmi's plight, Maggie offers to see her as an outpatient for free. In the course of their first sessions in Maggie's home office, she quickly realizes that what Lakshmi really needs is not a shrink but a friend. Determined to empower Lakshmi as a woman who feels valued in her own right, Maggie abandons protocol, and soon doctor and patient become close. Even though they seemingly have nothing in common, both women are haunted by loss and truths that they are afraid to reveal.
However, crossing professional boundaries has its price. As Maggie and Lakshmi's relationship deepens, long-buried secrets come to light that shake their faith in each other and force them to confront painful choices in their own lives.

Today (Sunday) my son, Andrew, is leaving for Malta to do a pharmacy co-op.  Of course, he hasn't done any packing or laundry so you know what I'll be doing most of today.  Tomorrow I'll be cleaning up the disaster he has left behind while he's enjoying this:

Happy Long Weekend!


Positive Dog Thinking!

I love linking up with Jennifer for:

Since this week included National Dog Day I decided on this quote:

Here's my dog, Gabi, who I adopted over 6 years ago:

Gabi and I can't wait for the Patriots to start playing.  She'll get to lounge on the couch with my husband, and I'll get to do whatever I want because when the Patriots are on TV, that's all he wants to do is focus on the game.  Gabi is always thrilled to have company while she's on one of her couches.  Life is quite comfortable for this formerly homeless dog.

Happy Friday!


Peek at my Last Week of Summer Vacation!

Like Jennifer said, Sunday rolls around so fast.  Now it's time to link up for:

Today (Sunday) has been an exceptionally lucky day for me.  I won 2 prizes!

First, I won a gift card to TPT from Kayla of The Chalkboard Garden:

Here is the winning guess from my mystery pictures last Tuesday:
"I'm going to guess that you have a new job in a new school with a new classroom to set up and get organized. I'm going to guess it's a kindergarten class because I don't see any desks. Either way, it looks like you have your work cut out for you!"
- Susan K.
This means I'll be shopping on TPT this week!
I also won this amazing prize from Jamie at Teaching Tidbits and More:
A Vera Bradley Personal Agenda!

This will hopefully help me remember what I need to do.

Thank you so much Kayla and Jamie for these amazing prizes!

(I just realized that those colorful dividers are guitar picks.  You would think I would know this since both of my sons play the guitar, and I find guitar picks everywhere.)

On Wednesday, I'm getting my hair cut and colored for Back to School.  I just love getting my hair colored, especially when I get to sit under the dryer (of course, it's better in the winter, but it's still relaxing). 

Of course, I'll be going to my classroom to clean and organize.  We'll be starting our 4th year in our new school, and I'd really like to organize all my cabinets and closets.  I have high hopes.

Have a wonderful week!


Five For Vacation Week Friday!

We got home from Nantucket yesterday (Thursday) which means only one thing:  it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

 In Nantucket we took a bus tour of the island.  We learned that the Macy, Folger and Starbucks families all came from Nantucket where they made their original fortunes from whaling.

 On the island, there's a very exclusive members-only golf club where President Bill Clinton was not allowed to golf because he needed to know a member to gain entry.  He did get to play during another visit because he found out that Theresa Heinz (wife of John Kerry) was a member.  Bill Gates also golfed at the same exclusive club where he never tipped his caddy.  When his caddy went off to college, he learned that his entire four year tuition was paid in full by Bill Gates.

 We also went to the Whaling Museum.  We saw models of whaling ships and whales.  Here's the right whale, the state marine mammal of Massachusetts:

Here's a model of a whaling ship:

One of the museum guides told us about this book that is being made into a movie by Ron Howard:

This book is a true story based on diary entries from a whaler on the ship.  Eventually, this diary fell into the hands of Herman Melville, and we all know what happened from there - Moby Dick!
My son, Andrew, and I went on a whale watch.  Whales are amazing animals.  We saw several sleeping whales, but we finally saw some feeding whales.  Check out Andrew's video:

I bought a book in a Nantucket book store.  The book was written and autographed by a local author:

There is a whole series of Barnaby books, and they have colorful and cheerful illustrations.

Tonight I started reserving my books for back to school.  I also went in to my class today to do more organizing and cleaning.  It's amazing how dirty the student chairs get.  I need to use a Magic Erase sponge to get the dirt off. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for reading my news!

Positive Thinking Thursday!

My vacation on Nantucket has flown by.  It's already time to link up with Jennifer for:

Here's a quote that was framed on the porch of the hotel where we stayed on Nantucket:

"No man is an island; every book is a world."  - from The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

                                             (Nantucket Book Festival, June 20 - 22, 2014)

 Here's a quote from Moby Dick:

 In high school, we had to read Moby Dick; I didn't enjoy reading it in high school, but it is considered an American classic.  Have you read Moby Dick?

Have a happy Thursday!


Peek at my Wonderful Week in Nantucket!

Here I am in scenic Nantucket, Massachusetts!  This is a perfect opportunity to link up with Jennifer for:

This morning (Monday) we left the house bright and early to drive down to get the ferry to Nantucket.  The high speed ferry takes an hour from Hyannis; we arrived in Nantucket at noon.  Here are some of the sites so far:

I love this compass rose that tells how far all these place are from Nantucket. 

Check out this car:

I guess if you own Vineyard Vines, you can drive around in a car like this.

After dinner, we went to some stores where I found this delightful book by Nancy Rouillard who lives right in Nantucket:

The illustrations are adorable:

Like the book says:  Tomorrow is a new beginning.

Thanks for checking in today!

Weekend Reflections!

Here's a new link-up I thought I'd try out from Chalk One Up For The Teacher:

Every Saturday morning, I go to my father's apartment in Winthrop, Massachusetts - which is where I grew up.  After I do the chores, we go for a short stroll at Deer Island which is home to a sewerage treatment plant.  The agency in charge - the MWRA - made a scenic walkway around the perimeter of Deer Island.  My father and I walk a very short distance, but it's right on the ocean and right across from the Boston skyline and the airport:

Today, it was low tide, but there were plenty of small sailboats.  In the distance, you can see the Boston Harbor islands:

It's not the best picture, but you get the idea - I hope!

Here's my father taking a rest on his usual bench:

I wrote this post because a lot of people have older parents who have health issues and need help from their children.  They call us the "sandwich" generation for a good reason; we have our own families and jobs, but we have to devote time to care for our parents, too.  My father and I have had this routine for six years now, and I feel lucky that I am able to help him and keep him company.  Of course, it's easier in the summer because I have more time. 

Enjoy this beautiful summer weekend!


Fabulous Five For Friday!

It's Friday, and it's still summer vacation here so it's time to link up with Doodlebugs for:

This week I spent 3 mornings in my classroom organizing and cleaning.  I worked really hard in my classroom library making sure most of the books have stickers that coordinate with the correct book basket:

I also scrubbed down the students' desks and chairs.  The chairs get so dirty, but they're clean for now.

I went to lunch with my friend and cooperating teacher, Sheila Robertson.  She even came for a tour of my classroom:

I learned so much from Sheila about decorating and setting up my room and library.  Thanks, Sheila!

Check out this useful prize that I won in a rafflecopter:

If you want to check out this note by Appleslices Design, you can visit her  etsy shop by clicking on the link or the picture.

I finished reading The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd.  If you're looking for a historical fiction book to read, this would be a great book to check out.

I'm still reading The Cafe Book which is full of helpful information.  I've even reread parts of it so I can understand better.

Last, but not least, I've been managing to keep up with my water aerobics and spinning.  I really enjoy exercising, especially when it's a break from any sort of cleaning.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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