Peek at my Week!

Hello there!  It's Sunday so it's time to link up with Jennifer for:

This week I'll be going into my classroom to get started with the organizing and cleaning.  I always start at the perimeter which means I do the library first.  Last year, I started putting labels on my books that matched the labels on the books baskets.  This way, the books find their way back to the correct bin.  Last year, I didn't finish so this year I'm hoping to get all the books labelled.  Here's a bin that I did this morning:

I'm also getting my back to school students letters ready to be mailed on Friday. 

Other than going to school, I'll be reading, blogging, cleaning, spinning and going in my pool (as long as the weather cooperates).  Next week we're going to Nantucket so I need to be very focused this week so both my classroom and my house get organized and clean. 

I'm especially going to enjoy every last minute of summer while it's here! 

Have a terrific week!

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