Peek at my Wonderful Week in Nantucket!

Here I am in scenic Nantucket, Massachusetts!  This is a perfect opportunity to link up with Jennifer for:

This morning (Monday) we left the house bright and early to drive down to get the ferry to Nantucket.  The high speed ferry takes an hour from Hyannis; we arrived in Nantucket at noon.  Here are some of the sites so far:

I love this compass rose that tells how far all these place are from Nantucket. 

Check out this car:

I guess if you own Vineyard Vines, you can drive around in a car like this.

After dinner, we went to some stores where I found this delightful book by Nancy Rouillard who lives right in Nantucket:

The illustrations are adorable:

Like the book says:  Tomorrow is a new beginning.

Thanks for checking in today!

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  1. I'll be there one week from today! We almost could have met. Have a great time!
    Grade 4 Buzz


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