Better Late Than Never With Positive Thinking/Teacher Tote!

Yesterday I was telling my husband that writing the blog in the summer is harder because I have to make my life of cleaning in the morning/going in the pool/reading sound exciting.

Any way, it's time to link-up with Jennifer for:

Here's some positive thinking for pet people:

This black dogs looks similar to my dog, Gabi, who I adopted a week after putting down my first dog, a Brittany spaniel named Britt.  Gabi was living at the animal hospital and needed a home while I needed help with my broken heart.  Plus, I am a big believer in fate so I do think that Gabi found me so she could help me recover from losing my first dog.  

Next, I'm doing a teacher tote bag link-up with  The Teacher's Cauldron:
Now presenting the bag for the first half of the year:

This is a beautiful, brand new bag that I received as a gift from my kids for Mother's Day; they know how much I LOVE flamingos.  I've already starting packing it up, too.  

Please check back tomorrow for Five For Friday - late again.

Happy Weekend!!



  1. here is the link I was telling you about


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