Wordless Wednesday on a Rainy Day!

It's Hump Day so I am linking up with Miss DeCarbo for:
Let me introduce you to Sheila Robertson who is a 4th grade teacher.  I did my student teaching with her 16 years ago, and today I was so happy that she came to see my classroom!

Do any of you still keep in touch with the teacher you student taught with or with your student teacher?

Thanks for checking in!


  1. The teachers I worked with were all wonderful. Unfortunately, we lost touch though. You are lucky to have such a great bond with your cooperating teacher. Enjoy!

    Fit to be Fourth

  2. I went to I Teach K in Vegas this summer with a pre-student teacher I had 5 years ago and I keep in touch with 2 other student teachers.

    A Very Curious Class

  3. Two of my student teachers I have formed fabulous friendships with. One of them calls me her "running bully". That's a compliment, right? I have had so many amazing student teachers. Many have received jobs overseas so we stay in touch via facebook.
    Grade 4 Buzz


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