Terrific Style Finds From Target!

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Background Story

Once a month the Iams dog food is on sale at Target so I do my best to head over there to save $1.00.  In the meantime, I end up at the Dollar Spot which is always full of the cutest items, especially if you're a teacher.  I've already spent $18 for the next school year, and my vacation just started last Monday.  Eventually, I made it the pet section.  On my way to the cash register, I strolled past Women's clothes and had to have these two items.

1.  Pleasted Floral Skirt

I LOVE pleated skirts!  As soon as I saw this skirt in the store, I HAD TO HAVE IT!  The skirt has an elastic waist; it's lined and it cost $19.99:  The background is navy blue, and the flower are small and colorful so I have plenty of tops to wear along with this skirt.

 Click here to read more about this skirt.

 It gets worse (better) when I spotted:

2.  Gingham Shorts

I LOVE gingham, and I just cleaned out my closet so I have room for another pair of shorts:

The gingham shorts were even on sale so I had to get them, too!

New Clothes Resolution

My new requirement to buy new clothes is that I need to have that "I love this" feeling when I look at the piece.  In addition, being on sale helps.  Moreover, I need to have existing clothes that match the new clothes.  To help keep my closet neat, I'm also going to clear out an existing piece to make room for the new clothing item.  Have you tried anything like this?  I really LOVE my clean, neat and organized closet so I hope I can keep it looking like this!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!


Highlights from the Final Week of School ~ Finally!

Happy Summer Vacation!  Although the kids' last day was last Friday, teachers needed to return to school for a half-day today.  I am finally on vacation and looking forward to relaxation and reading for pleasure!

Check out our last week of school!


When I write my Morning Messages, I usually check in at Checkiday.com to see what unknown and interesting holiday is being celebrated.  Last Monday, I learned about this important holiday:

I LOVE learning about new events in history!

Summer Solstice and an Eclipse in August

Last week we learned about the Summer Solstice; the Midnight Sun and the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st (read more here). 

First Stop on our Field Trip = Woburn City Hall + Visit with the Mayor!

My favorite time to take a field trip is as close to the last day of school as possible.  Last Wednesday we started off our day with a visit to the Woburn City Hall to visit Mayor Scott Galvin:

Many Goodyear students have their artwork on display around Woburn and in City Hall.  Here are some of my students' art:

Next Stop:  The Boston Tea Party Ship!

If you're ever in Boston, this is a great place to visit.  First, there's a reenactment of the meeting at the Old South Meetinghouse followed by a visit to a replica of a British tea ship followed by a visit to the dock where there are cargo displays as well as an explanation of how the colonists hauled the tea out of the ships:

The colonists used a lot of lemons!

Click here to learn more about the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum!

Last Day For Students - June 23!

Last Friday was a half day for the kids who go to visit the 4th grade teachers.  We had fun using tangrams to make different animals.

In addition, it was Pink Flamingo Day, and my student, Paige, gave me a watermelon apron.  It was just a perfect combination for me!

Happy summer days are here again!


Happy Terrific Tuesday ~ Show and Tell Edition!

Hello!  I'm so happy to link up with Stephanie from Forever in Fifth Grade for:

 Morning Messages

I'm still in school which means writing Morning Messages.  Every morning I like to go to Checkiday.com to see if there are any holidays worth including in my daily message.  Well, so far this week, I've hit the jackpot:

I'm still amazed that I have never heard of Juneteenth!  Have you?

Introducing Sergeant Stubby!

Last week on our trolley tour of Woburn, we popped into the Burdett Mansion ~ home of the Woburn Historical Society.  One of my favorite stories is about Sergeant Stubby:

I love this dog!

Annual Boston Tea Party Ship Field Trip Tomorrow!

As soon as I learn the definite last day of school, I get on the phone and schedule a field trip as close to the last day (this Friday, June 23) as possible.  Tomorrow is the BIG day.  Field trip buses cost $400/day, regardless of where you go.  We don't need to be at the Boston Tea Party Ship until 11:00 a.m. so we'll be visiting with the Mayor of Woburn at 8:45 until 10:00 when we'll head into Boston! 


Click here or on the picture to read more about the amazing Boston Tea Party Museum!
Thanks for visiting today!  Enjoy your summer vacation!


Fabulous Highlights From Last Week's Adventures!

Last week we had two exceptionally exciting events:  Field Day and a trolley tour of Woburn sponsored by the Woburn Historical Society!

Field Day Fun

With temperatures into the 90's, the kids had a great time at each activity while drinking a lot of water:

As you can tell, this colorful balancing activity was my favorite ~ it was fun and challenging!

Battle Road

The Woburn Historical Society takes all the third graders in Woburn on a delight trolley tour of the city.  One of our stops was here:

It's amazing that an original Revolutionary War path is still preserved considering all the building and development.  What a treasure this is!
Burial Ground

Another stop on the tour was Woburn's First Burial Ground:

In addition to the new plaque, many graves were located using special "radar"-like technology. 

Picture Pie

After our Field Day activities, the kids completed this very fun activity based on the book, Picture Pie, by Ed Emberley.

You can find the templates for this very fun activity on TPT!  If you don't have the book, check out these examples on Pinterest.

Father's Day Creations

As soon as I saw this pizza craft on Sea of Knowledge's blog, I had to do it:

Each student created the most adorable and unique cards for the Dads in their lives.  Of course, I forgot to take pictures, but hopefully some kids forgot theirs at school.

Thank you so much for stopping by ~

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

This is my father on the day we brought his recliner to my house while he was living here while receiving hospice care ~ it was the only time he smiled, too.


Currently June, but yesterday it was only 50 degrees!

It might be June where you live; it might even be spring or summer, but here in Massachusetts, it's rainy and cool.  It's a good thing we're still in school until June 23rd ~ hopefully, the weather will improve by then.  In the meantime, I'm linking up with Erin from Love, Fun and Football and Anne in Residence for:



This weekend I'm hoping to open up my above-ground pool and install the air conditioners.  It was only 51 degrees yesterday so it's hard to believe that it's spring and that summer will ever arrive.

That super tall tree is my favorite tree in the world!


I'm wishing I could control my "teacher" clutter at work and at home.  It's always my goal every day to keep my "stuff" in order, but....


I just learned how to help my husband with his PICC line which is used to deliver antibiotics for the infection in his hip replacement.  I'm still in awe that he can do this chore all by himself.  He'll need the PICC line for another four weeks.  Another chore I just learned was how to tape up the plastic sleeve that goes over the PICC line so it doesn't get wet from showering or sweating.


I do enjoy looking at the fun and colorful clothes at J.Crew Factory. 

  I do love this dress, and it's available in petites!


This summer I really want to go to the top of Mt. Greylock ~ the highest point in Massachusetts.  There's supposed to be a hotel at the top, and luckily, you can drive to get there.

Click on the picture to read more at Wikipedia.
That's all for today ~ thank you for visiting!

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