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Happy Friday!  Today I have the honor of linking up with two fashionistas:   Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots and
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Background Story

Once a month the Iams dog food is on sale at Target so I do my best to head over there to save $1.00.  In the meantime, I end up at the Dollar Spot which is always full of the cutest items, especially if you're a teacher.  I've already spent $18 for the next school year, and my vacation just started last Monday.  Eventually, I made it the pet section.  On my way to the cash register, I strolled past Women's clothes and had to have these two items.

1.  Pleasted Floral Skirt

I LOVE pleated skirts!  As soon as I saw this skirt in the store, I HAD TO HAVE IT!  The skirt has an elastic waist; it's lined and it cost $19.99:  The background is navy blue, and the flower are small and colorful so I have plenty of tops to wear along with this skirt.

 Click here to read more about this skirt.

 It gets worse (better) when I spotted:

2.  Gingham Shorts

I LOVE gingham, and I just cleaned out my closet so I have room for another pair of shorts:

The gingham shorts were even on sale so I had to get them, too!

New Clothes Resolution

My new requirement to buy new clothes is that I need to have that "I love this" feeling when I look at the piece.  In addition, being on sale helps.  Moreover, I need to have existing clothes that match the new clothes.  To help keep my closet neat, I'm also going to clear out an existing piece to make room for the new clothing item.  Have you tried anything like this?  I really LOVE my clean, neat and organized closet so I hope I can keep it looking like this!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

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  1. That skirt is so pretty and those shorts look so fun. I like how you styled them both with the neutral sandals! And how great is your blog title!! I do love watermelon and am convinced now that happiness is watermelon shaped. ;) Thank you for linking up with Fabulous Friday.


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