Highlights from the Final Week of School ~ Finally!

Happy Summer Vacation!  Although the kids' last day was last Friday, teachers needed to return to school for a half-day today.  I am finally on vacation and looking forward to relaxation and reading for pleasure!

Check out our last week of school!


When I write my Morning Messages, I usually check in at Checkiday.com to see what unknown and interesting holiday is being celebrated.  Last Monday, I learned about this important holiday:

I LOVE learning about new events in history!

Summer Solstice and an Eclipse in August

Last week we learned about the Summer Solstice; the Midnight Sun and the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st (read more here). 

First Stop on our Field Trip = Woburn City Hall + Visit with the Mayor!

My favorite time to take a field trip is as close to the last day of school as possible.  Last Wednesday we started off our day with a visit to the Woburn City Hall to visit Mayor Scott Galvin:

Many Goodyear students have their artwork on display around Woburn and in City Hall.  Here are some of my students' art:

Next Stop:  The Boston Tea Party Ship!

If you're ever in Boston, this is a great place to visit.  First, there's a reenactment of the meeting at the Old South Meetinghouse followed by a visit to a replica of a British tea ship followed by a visit to the dock where there are cargo displays as well as an explanation of how the colonists hauled the tea out of the ships:

The colonists used a lot of lemons!

Click here to learn more about the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum!

Last Day For Students - June 23!

Last Friday was a half day for the kids who go to visit the 4th grade teachers.  We had fun using tangrams to make different animals.

In addition, it was Pink Flamingo Day, and my student, Paige, gave me a watermelon apron.  It was just a perfect combination for me!

Happy summer days are here again!



  1. Wow, you guys had a great last week! I love your kids' artwork. You can tell they put a lot of time into it. Happy summer hols!

  2. Good to know the highlights from your school for the final week. I hope that you all guys would have a great time with each other.
    Emma Charlotte | TheAcademicPapers.co.uk


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