Five For The Last Friday In May!

Hola!  Thanks for checking in!  It's amazingly the last day in May - we have 20 days of school left!  (our last day is June 26th).  This year has flown by in a blink of an eye.  It's a good thing that I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

We are finally finished with all our PARCC testing for the year as of last Tuesday!

The kids say they prefer taking the test on the computer.  Plus, they get to wear headphones which is always very exciting.

We started a fun and funny read-aloud at snack time:

In this book, the bossy Lulu needs to earn money so she decides to walk neighborhood dogs.  Luckily, she has Fleischman - a boy who helps her solve all the problems she encounters.

We saw a delightful puppet show by Crabgrass Puppets about two African adventure stories.  You can read more about them and see more pictures here.

This is a picture from the site - I loved the puppets and the scenery!  It was a great assembly.

We also had another assembly about how to earn and spend money.  The presenter entertained the students by juggling and telling fun stories about wants and needs:

I appreciated how the presenter emphasized the importance of work combined with being smart as a means to spend and earn money.

We started new centers this week.  In the listening center, we're reading one of my favorite books:

Happy June!

Happy Memorial Day Five For Friday!

Wow, it's the last weekend in May!  Plus, it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

Last week we completed another round of centers.  We read Rainy with a Chance of Meatballs in the Listening Center; did dictionary work for Word Work; read about the Everglades in Read with a Friend; completed task cards about place value in the Math Center; and met with me in the Writing Center.  Right now the kids are writing about a special object that means a lot such as a childhood comfort item...(no video games allowed).

We attended a delightful dress rehearsal for the Memorial Day concert performed by the kindergarden, first and second grade students:

My student, Maggie, made a blog that you can check out here:

This adorable scientist is Maggie's icon.  I'm so impressed and proud that one of my students took the initiative to create her own blog.  Wow!

We had another amazing Computer Lab on the ipads using Nearpod and Kahoot!  I'm just beginning to explore Nearpod, but Kahoot just gets the kids so excited and engaged.  We love it!

That's our principal, Mr. Kessaris, in the lower right hand corner!

We completed another session of the PARCC test last week.  It was on Math.  We have one more Math session next week, and then we'll be done testing for the year!

Enjoy some delicious watermelon to celebrate the beginning of summer!  Have a wonderful week!

Five For Friday Finally!

Hello there!  Thanks for checking in today!  I'm trying to be on time, but...  I'm very excited to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

My colleague, Ms. Aufiero, gave me one of my favorite books:

Ms. Aufiero is also encouraging me to make a fairy garden - that explains the small door on the bottom right.  It seems like fun!

On Friday, we had Pajama Day to raise money for MS as well as Book Buddies:

I read that If I Had A Robot book by Dan Yacarino to the class, and we made area and perimeter robots!

On Friday, we had a Raffle Sale, and I won these cool paint pens:

Mrs. Brown is already planning fun craft activities.  Plus, I love to paint, and these are refillable.  I've never seen paint pens before so I'm excited to try them out.

We finished sharing our Hand Adjective projects;

Here's a Morning Message idea that the kids loved.  I got the idea from Doing Math In Morning Meeting (you can check it out here.)

You can also do this idea for buttons, zippers,...

Have a wonderful week!


Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day!  I'm happy to link up with Miss DeCarbo for:

This week the kids have been sharing their hand adjective creations:

You can check out this freebie here.

I love the kids' creativity in their writing and their artwork for this assignment.  Do you have a favorite adjective project?

Five For Friday on Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!  

In addition to celebrating Mother's Day, I'm also linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

We started the week off with Cinco de may by reading this delightful book:

I got good use out of my maracas by using them as my quiet signal this week!

At snack time, I began to read one of my very favorite read-alouds:

I LOVE Clementine - she has such great energy and spunk.  In this book, Clementine's third grade class is going to Plymouth Plantation.  Her family also lives in Boston!  It's a really fun book to check out!  Plus, there's a whole series of them!

We learned about animal behaviors, such as camouflage, instincts, hibernation, mimicry, ....

I'm fascinated by monarch butterfly who lay their eggs on milkweed plants. 

We also made this adorable Muffins with Mom craftivity that you can check out here.  Check out some of our finished products:

One of our Computer Moms, Paula, made a Kahoot about Hawaii where she lived for a time:

In the lower right hand picture, you can see the plant I got for Teacher Appreciation Week!  I love pothos plants because they're hardy and clean the air.

Have a wonderful week!


Five For First Friday In May!

Sunday night sneaks right up on me!  It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

We had Poem in my Pocket Day:

Mrs. Brown made an enlarged version of the Poem in the Pocket that you can check out here.

We had a great time at the Scholastic Book Fair:

Our class got the new Clark the Shark book for our classroom library!

Change is Simple came for their final visit of the year, and we played a life size game about what we've learned about animals and the environment:

We tried out that new activity - "I wish my teacher knew that..."  First, we watched a news clip that you can view here.  Check out some of the students' samples:

We had a blast playing Kahoot again.  I tried an experiment using PARCC Games on the ipads, but it didn't work out - we'll have to try it out in the Computer Lab after we're all done with the PARCC tests.

Have a wonderful cinco de mayo!

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