Five For The Last Friday In May!

Hola!  Thanks for checking in!  It's amazingly the last day in May - we have 20 days of school left!  (our last day is June 26th).  This year has flown by in a blink of an eye.  It's a good thing that I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

We are finally finished with all our PARCC testing for the year as of last Tuesday!

The kids say they prefer taking the test on the computer.  Plus, they get to wear headphones which is always very exciting.

We started a fun and funny read-aloud at snack time:

In this book, the bossy Lulu needs to earn money so she decides to walk neighborhood dogs.  Luckily, she has Fleischman - a boy who helps her solve all the problems she encounters.

We saw a delightful puppet show by Crabgrass Puppets about two African adventure stories.  You can read more about them and see more pictures here.

This is a picture from the site - I loved the puppets and the scenery!  It was a great assembly.

We also had another assembly about how to earn and spend money.  The presenter entertained the students by juggling and telling fun stories about wants and needs:

I appreciated how the presenter emphasized the importance of work combined with being smart as a means to spend and earn money.

We started new centers this week.  In the listening center, we're reading one of my favorite books:

Happy June!


  1. Such a great feeling to be done with testing!! Enjoy it!

  2. Both shows looked interesting, especially the Crabgrass one.
    Wishing you a super June!


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