Finally ~ Five Fun Facts From Last Week!

Happy Fall!  Have you gotten your back to school cold yet?  I have which explains this post's first graphic!

like a cup of tea

Monday Morning Messages

On Monday, I always ask the same question on my Morning Message:  Write three words that best describe your weekend.  (I got this idea on the blog Elementary Matters).  During the Sharing part of the meeting, each student shares one highlight from their weekend.

It really helps me to have the same question every Monday!

Tuesday Morning Message

On Tuesdays, I include a poem, and the question is always about the last time you helped someone:

morning message

morning message

I found the pumpkin poem on Pinterest - click here to see the original Pin.

Learning More About Massachusetts

We began using our Social Studies book.  I always try to incorporate new vocabulary and information into my messages.

morning message

New Watermelon Sign

A father of one of my students very kindly and generously made this sign for me:


Our classroom doors have windows so I hung it there to give our room more privacy.

Gabi the Dog's New Halloween Costume

Gabi the Dog got super lucky when we found some great costumes at T.J. Maxx.  I, of course, wanted the watermelon, but the hamburger won out in the end ~ especially after my son Andrew asked if the costume was for me or Gabi.

Thank you for popping by (this one-finger typing is really tedious and time-consuming!).  

Have a wonderful week!


September ~ Show and Tell ~ Watermelon Cast & More!

Hello and welcome to another monthly installment of Stephanie from Forever in Fifth Grade::

 Taking a Seed Idea to a New Level

 The day I broke my wrist, I set my mind on having a watermelon cast.  Of course, I had to wait two weeks while I wore my splint/plaster hybrid cast.  When deciding upon a cast, you get to choose from an assortment of colors.  I've never done this, and I can be indecisive so I felt overwhelmed.  Plus, I was alone as well as third in line for cast.  Back to school time is very busy in orthopedics -kids getting injured at recess, football and soccer players, and teachers falling off tables...All this meant - wait time - which propelled me to Pinterest (top right picture), and the rest is reality!

My younger son, Andrew is the watermelon seed artist. 

The best part ~ I can bend my elbow!

Baby Pictures

Every year each student brings in an unmarked envelope with a baby picture in it.  Then I put the pictures out in the hall like this:

sprinkle kindness

International Dot Day

On Dot Day, each student created a dot:

autumn tree

The student-created dots look nice around my new autumn tree in the hallway!

Have a wonderful week!


Fantastic First Full Week of School News!

Hello there!

Observing September 11th

We had a school-wide moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. and read a passage about Patriot Day:

Morning Messages

This week we focused on sequence in Reading and location in the wold.  We also had fun on International Dot Day (more on that next week):

 Back to School Night Bulletin Board

During the week the kids worked on pencil and apple books for our class bulletin board:

bulletin board

Sprinkling Kindness With Jelly Donuts!

There were multiple issues at recess so we read this book and completed a craft:
Click on book to read more at Amazon.
Click on this picture to download the accompanying craft:

Now Presenting ~ The Watermelon Cast

Two weeks ago I broke my wrist at school.  At first, I had a splint/cast hybrid which was replaced with a cast on Friday.  Here's the finished product:

broken wrist

I'm so glad you stopped by today!  Have a happy week!


Back to School Five For Friday!

School for teachers started on Tuesday, and my students arrived on Wednesday.  Check out our week:

Morning Messages

I'm always making my messages as educational and informative as possible!

Dresses for my Son, Derek's Wedding

My neighbor's daughter is getting married shortly, and she purchased her dress online at Nordstrom by ordering five dresses; trying them on at home; and selecting her favorite.  I ran with her advice and choose these dresses:

Click on the pictures to view at

For the rehearsal dinner:

For the wedding:

My wrist is healing slowly.  On Friday I'm getting a cast so my arm will weigh less and be easier to move.

Thank you for popping by!

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