September ~ Show and Tell ~ Watermelon Cast & More!

Hello and welcome to another monthly installment of Stephanie from Forever in Fifth Grade::

 Taking a Seed Idea to a New Level

 The day I broke my wrist, I set my mind on having a watermelon cast.  Of course, I had to wait two weeks while I wore my splint/plaster hybrid cast.  When deciding upon a cast, you get to choose from an assortment of colors.  I've never done this, and I can be indecisive so I felt overwhelmed.  Plus, I was alone as well as third in line for cast.  Back to school time is very busy in orthopedics -kids getting injured at recess, football and soccer players, and teachers falling off tables...All this meant - wait time - which propelled me to Pinterest (top right picture), and the rest is reality!

My younger son, Andrew is the watermelon seed artist. 

The best part ~ I can bend my elbow!

Baby Pictures

Every year each student brings in an unmarked envelope with a baby picture in it.  Then I put the pictures out in the hall like this:

sprinkle kindness

International Dot Day

On Dot Day, each student created a dot:

autumn tree

The student-created dots look nice around my new autumn tree in the hallway!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I love that baby picture idea! It might be even harder for people to guess once they're in middle school (which is the level I teach). Fun!

  2. Stinks to have a cast, but the watermelon one is so cute! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. We did a baby picture activity like that for our staff once. We got write down our guesses and the person who got the most correct won a prize. It was really funny to what we looked like as babies!

    1. I love the baby pictures for all school staff ~ fun idea!


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