Finally ~ Five Fun Facts From Last Week!

Happy Fall!  Have you gotten your back to school cold yet?  I have which explains this post's first graphic!

like a cup of tea

Monday Morning Messages

On Monday, I always ask the same question on my Morning Message:  Write three words that best describe your weekend.  (I got this idea on the blog Elementary Matters).  During the Sharing part of the meeting, each student shares one highlight from their weekend.

It really helps me to have the same question every Monday!

Tuesday Morning Message

On Tuesdays, I include a poem, and the question is always about the last time you helped someone:

morning message

morning message

I found the pumpkin poem on Pinterest - click here to see the original Pin.

Learning More About Massachusetts

We began using our Social Studies book.  I always try to incorporate new vocabulary and information into my messages.

morning message

New Watermelon Sign

A father of one of my students very kindly and generously made this sign for me:


Our classroom doors have windows so I hung it there to give our room more privacy.

Gabi the Dog's New Halloween Costume

Gabi the Dog got super lucky when we found some great costumes at T.J. Maxx.  I, of course, wanted the watermelon, but the hamburger won out in the end ~ especially after my son Andrew asked if the costume was for me or Gabi.

Thank you for popping by (this one-finger typing is really tedious and time-consuming!).  

Have a wonderful week!

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