Positive Thinking Thursday (Halloween Eve)

Happy Thursday!  All my students are certainly thinking in a positive and excited way with Halloween being tomorrow.  That's why it's a perfect time to stop, smell the roses and think positively with Jennifer for:

Here are my contributions:

I feel like I'm trying to do way too much in way too little time which causes me to be distracted and forgetful so I end up feeling overwhelmed and distressed (I know this is not sounding very positive).  That's why I need these quotes so I can be less hard on myself for my shortcomings and careless mistakes.  At least, I'm trying to talk myself into feeling this way.

Maybe I'll feel better after Halloween....

Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Anchors Away!

Hello there!  I'm always happy to link up with Deb for:

Here's one way I try to incorporate our Spelling and Reading words in the Morning Message:

This week we're reading Allie's Basketball Dream; the words circled in red are some of the vocabulary words in the story.  The words write and story are two of our Spelling words.  Plus, I used the Morning Message to talk about using sound effects words, aka onomatopeia.  The kids were really excited about this new word.

In Language, we learned about verbs last week.  Finding the verb helps to find the subject of a sentence:

This is a very systematic way to find the subject.

That's all for now.  Enjoy the rest of the week!

Book Review - Ten Little Turkeys - by Angela Muse

Last week, my class and I were delighted by these adorably illustrated, rhyming book:

We read and reviewed this book on the "big screen" (our interactive whiteboard).  The kids and I LOVED the rhyming text and the most adorable illustrations.  Each turkey was cuter than the next.  Here are some of my students' thoughts:

Liam wrote:  I like the rhymes....very realistic with food...very cute turkeys.  I like that they all have different personalities...I like the picture when it snowed because the snowflakes were cool.  I like the turkey facts.  You should write more books because they are cool.

Georgia wrote:  ..I like that they are making a feast...They all have different personalities.  I like the baby turkey.  It's all a big family...They are wearing Pilgrim hats..

Mia felt:  ...I like that you wrote turkey facts.  I feel bad for turkeys because people eat them.  I love your books.  I want to read all of them!

Here's an excerpt from Danielle:  I like the leaf behind the writing...the interesting words...I love the picture with everybody sitting together as a family because I love my family.

Matthew's thoughts include:  ...feel bad for the 7th turkey/WRONG TAIL!

Overall, the kids and I LOVED the book, especially the rhyming and the illustrations.  The kids were able to make connections to the turkeys.  The author/illustrator will able to make each turkey unique in its personality, and the kids really noticed that.  Plus, now we want to read all of Angela Muse's books because we enjoyed Ten Thankful Turkeys so much!

Here's the link to Ten Thankful Turkeys on Amazon.  This is definitely a book that you'll enjoy for years to come!

Five For The Last Friday In October!

How did October go by in the blink of an eye?  Any way, it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

This week we worked on the Water Cycle in Science.  It was a perfect week to study the Water Cycle because it rained all week and a meteorologist from a local TV station came to talk to all the students:

We were even on TV!  

The kids and I also reviewed the most adorable book, Ten Thankful Turkeys by Angela Muse:

I'll be writing an entire blog post to share our thoughts shortly.

We worked on learning about the setting of a story.  Then we compared the settings of two different books by the same author, Kevin Henkes.  We compared Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse and Wemberly Worried.  The kids brought their notebooks to the rug while I read the book.  During that time, they took notes about the setting.  After we had read both books, we made Venn diagrams to compare/contrast the settings.

We've been sharing our interviews with each other.  In addition to writing about the other student, each student had to draw a picture which came out amazing.  Plus, the writing and pictures look so colorful on the bulletin in the room:

This interview was done by Danielle about Matthew.

This interview was done by Andrew about Tayla.

In Social Studies, we worked on big maps of Massachusetts (thanks to Mrs. Brown for making these).  The kids had to locate geographic features such as the highest point in Massachusetts - it's Mt. Greylock!

Check out Kylee's beautiful map!

That's it for now.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Positive Thinking Thursday on a Fabulous Friday!

It's Friday!  I'm excited to link up with Jennifer for:


This week we had a tremendous amount of rain and wind due to a nor'easter.  That's why I'm choosing this quote from the one and only Maya Angelou:

In our computer lab, there have been times when I've dealt with tangled headphones; it was not fun.  To avoid this situation, I asked my students to bring in their own headphones (thanks to our 2nd grade teachers for the great idea!).  Plus, it's much more hygienic for the kids to have their own headphones.

After this rainy week, I'm considering buying a pair of rain boots.  This morning I wore my Ugg boots, and they're so cozy and comfortable.

Now I'm off to spinning class and food shopping.  The fun never ends!

Happy Weekend!

Wordless Wednesday & What I Wore!

Happy Wednesday!  Today I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo for:

Today a local meteorologist, Danielle Niles, visited our school:

Have you ever had a meteorologist visit your school?  This was a perfect time for a visit because we're learning about the water cycle.

Also, here's a new outfit I got at Ann Taylor Loft just recently:

I just started wearing real shoes and tights two days ago.  Did you know Ann Taylor Loft gives teachers a discount?  When did you start wearing real shoes?  Also, do you have all these anchor charts hanging up all around your room?

Thanks for visiting today!

Anchors Away Again!

Hello there!  I'm here to link up with Deb for:

 Crafting Connections

This week we're learning about the water cycle:

Today we learned the rest of the water cycle terms:  condensation and precipitation.  Tomorrow (Weds.), we have a meteorologist coming to do an assembly.

We've also been incorporating the water cycle into our Morning Message:

On top of the water cycle, we're also learning where New England and Massachusetts are located on a map.

Have a happy Hump Day!


Fall For Five For Friday!

Last week was a four day week at school, but we still managed to accomplish quite a bit.  That's why I'm excited to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

 Click on the picture to check out more Five For Fridays!

1.  Last Sunday was my 54th birthday.  My big present was an i-phone from my husband.  Ordering the i-phone at the store was a two-plus hour experience, and the phone is back-ordered for about one month.  The good news: when you buy an i-phone, you get $200 off a new i-pad so I bought my husband one (plus a keyboard) for his Christmas present.  Consequently, we left the store with a present for him and nothing for me - yet.  Since I'm going from a flip phone to an i-phone, I need to go back to the store to get my information transferred into my new phone.  Plus, everyone keeps saying how this i-phone is going to change my life.  I sure hope so after having to wait so long for it.
(I've always wanted a shoe phone like the one in Get Smart!)

2.  This week we did the Oreo stacking challenge.  (If you want to read more about Projects by Jen, click here.).  The goal was to stack as many Oreos as possible.  Before the stacking began, each student had to estimate how many they could stack before their towers would tumble over.  Check it out:

The kids were totally focused on making their towers.  Each student got two attempts, and even the adults participated.  Our average stack was 18 Oreos.

Special thanks to Bryan's and Fiona's Moms for coming in to help with this fun project!

3.  In Social Studies this week, we learned how to locate the 6 New England states and Massachusetts as well as how to use cardinal directions to locate places on a map.

4.  We read an article about how to save resources in our Vocabulary Workshop books:

I like to incorporate the vocabulary into our Morning Message as well as to do a quick assessment of Social Studies vocabulary and Language skills.  For Social Studies vocabulary the kids wrote water and other Science words.  Of course, they discovered all but one of the Language mistakes.

5.  In Computer Lab, we started Kidblog!  (You can read more about it here).  A lot of the kids were so excited to have their own blogs that they couldn't wait to get home and write a new blog entry.  I want to send a very special thanks to our Computer Mom, Paula (Fiona's Mom), for finding so much information about Kidblog and adding it as a favorite on all the computers.  
That's it for now.  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


Positive Thinking Thursday on Friday!

On Friday, I can't wait to get to sleep - work is exhausting!  However, I'm doing a quick link-up with Jennifer for:

I just LOVE Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and that's why I'm sharing this thought today:

Isn't reassuring to know that tomorrow's a whole new day with a new beginning?  Now I'm off to get ready for bed.  Good night!

Anchors Away!

Hello there!  I'm happy to link up with Deb for:


I did this anchor chart a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share it now because my students still need to review and learn this vocabulary:

When I made this chart, my student, Reese, was the Line Leader so that is why the word problem is about her.  Also, 12 = 3 x 4 is one of my favorite multiplication facts!

Have a great rest of the week!

Fabulous Five For Friday!

Well, I'm finally linking up with Doodle Bugs for:


Last week we wrapped up our Science chapter on matter.  We learned what volume is:

We also learned about mass by measuring the masses of different objects on this pan balance.  We learned that sand has a higher mass than most other objects:

On Friday we had a Character Assembly on responsibility so our Morning Message reviewed that character trait.

 Every morning there are two Morning Messages.  The message on the Promethean Board lists reminders for the day:

The other Morning Message is over at the rug where we hold our Morning Meetings.


 We wrote out haikus about Johnny Appleseed and made a craft of Johnny.  I'll show pictures of this later because I forgot to take pictures on Friday.


A week ago Sunday, I went to a fundraiser for the Woburn Educational Foundation.  The guest speaker was Susan Wornick who was a news person on the local news.  She was a funny and engaging speaker:

There were also pocketbooks that were raffled off.  I really wanted to win this hot pink Kate Spade bag with a bow on the front.  Unfortunately, I didn't win a pocketbook, but I really did enjoy hearing Susan Wornick speak.

Now I'm off to do my food shopping and catch up on all my other chores.  Thanks for visiting today!

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