Book Review For Lobo Goes To The Galapagos!

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My students and I reviewed a beautifully illustrated and fun book:

Before we read this book, we checked out some pictures and information about the Galapagos Islands.  One of my students, Bryan, recognized a blue-footed booby, and guess what?  One of the characters in the book was a blue-footed booby!  I showed this book on the interactive whiteboard, and we read the book together.  The kids were so fascinated and engaged in the whole process which took 45 minutes because they took their reviewer jobs very seriously.  Plus, they wanted to remark on every illustration and event that took place.

The story revolves around Lobo and his friend, Roxy the Raven, who find a blue-footed booby injured on the beach and need to get him home.  Along they way, they pick up some other friends and spend several days walking on the beach to deliver the blue-footed booby to his island.  The illustrations of the sunsets are amazing and colorful.  To get home, the whole group needs to ride on the back of a shark which was an interesting situation because the kids thought the shark might eat the other animals.  Of course, everyone gets home safe and sound.

Here are Tayla's comments about this book:

I would highly recommend this book because it's a true story of friendship, trust and helping others in need.  The author deals with these serious issues in a fun and engaging way that draws the reader in and keeps the reader interested throughout with imaginative and fun plot twists as well as colorful illustrations.  In addition, kids will want to reread this book because there is so much to take in and enjoy due to the humor and the detailed illustrations.

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  1. Sounds like a cute book. How fun to have your students review the book.

  2. First of all I have to say, I love your site. The watermelon theme and colors are eye catching and adorable. Now, onto the book...I read Lobo Goes to the Galapagos and completely agree that the book is worth reading. It is simple, yet teaches important lessons in friendship. Thanks for sharing!


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