Fall For Five For Friday!

Last week was a four day week at school, but we still managed to accomplish quite a bit.  That's why I'm excited to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

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1.  Last Sunday was my 54th birthday.  My big present was an i-phone from my husband.  Ordering the i-phone at the store was a two-plus hour experience, and the phone is back-ordered for about one month.  The good news: when you buy an i-phone, you get $200 off a new i-pad so I bought my husband one (plus a keyboard) for his Christmas present.  Consequently, we left the store with a present for him and nothing for me - yet.  Since I'm going from a flip phone to an i-phone, I need to go back to the store to get my information transferred into my new phone.  Plus, everyone keeps saying how this i-phone is going to change my life.  I sure hope so after having to wait so long for it.
(I've always wanted a shoe phone like the one in Get Smart!)

2.  This week we did the Oreo stacking challenge.  (If you want to read more about Projects by Jen, click here.).  The goal was to stack as many Oreos as possible.  Before the stacking began, each student had to estimate how many they could stack before their towers would tumble over.  Check it out:

The kids were totally focused on making their towers.  Each student got two attempts, and even the adults participated.  Our average stack was 18 Oreos.

Special thanks to Bryan's and Fiona's Moms for coming in to help with this fun project!

3.  In Social Studies this week, we learned how to locate the 6 New England states and Massachusetts as well as how to use cardinal directions to locate places on a map.

4.  We read an article about how to save resources in our Vocabulary Workshop books:

I like to incorporate the vocabulary into our Morning Message as well as to do a quick assessment of Social Studies vocabulary and Language skills.  For Social Studies vocabulary the kids wrote water and other Science words.  Of course, they discovered all but one of the Language mistakes.

5.  In Computer Lab, we started Kidblog!  (You can read more about it here).  A lot of the kids were so excited to have their own blogs that they couldn't wait to get home and write a new blog entry.  I want to send a very special thanks to our Computer Mom, Paula (Fiona's Mom), for finding so much information about Kidblog and adding it as a favorite on all the computers.  
That's it for now.  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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