Positive Thinking Thursday on a Fabulous Friday!

It's Friday!  I'm excited to link up with Jennifer for:


This week we had a tremendous amount of rain and wind due to a nor'easter.  That's why I'm choosing this quote from the one and only Maya Angelou:

In our computer lab, there have been times when I've dealt with tangled headphones; it was not fun.  To avoid this situation, I asked my students to bring in their own headphones (thanks to our 2nd grade teachers for the great idea!).  Plus, it's much more hygienic for the kids to have their own headphones.

After this rainy week, I'm considering buying a pair of rain boots.  This morning I wore my Ugg boots, and they're so cozy and comfortable.

Now I'm off to spinning class and food shopping.  The fun never ends!

Happy Weekend!

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